Antea Group never has to throw away software again thanks to Thinkwise

Many software suppliers are fully aware that their product becomes increasingly outdated due to changing technology or business requirements. The same thing happened to Antea Group, an internationally operating engineering and consulting firm. To ensure that they no longer need to renew their software, the company has opted for the Thinkwise model-driven low-code software development platform. Using this platform Antea Group has developed its Public Space Management System (GBI – Gemeentelijk Beheer Informatiesysteem).

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Customer case Antea



Due to the combination of a modular structure of our GBIapps and the model-driven development methodology of Thinkwise, all user interfaces of GBI look the same.

More efficient

The way software is developed is much more efficient, which gives GBI a nice time and cost savings.

Ease of use

Because officials easily recognize the steps they need to take in the GBIapps, they experience great ease of use.


What Antea says about working with Thinkwise:

Thinkwise is a very correct software developer. One condition of the collaboration was that we had to be very clear in our demand specification beforehand. But as a result we did get exactly what we had agreed. There are very few errors in the delivered software, as a result of which we were able to considerably slim down our test line.

Software development has never been easy in the history of Antea Group. At first we didn't believe the promise of Thinkwise either. But when they were able to show us an almost completely functional proof of concept after just two weeks, I and our management were soon convinced. In the pilot project Thinkwise had already realized 80 percent of our wishes with their model-driven development platform. In addition Thinkwise works precisely and accurately and those are nice properties for a software builder.Because officials easily recognize the steps they need to take in the GBIapps, they experience great ease of use.

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