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Thinkwise Platform Experience
December 15 09:30 - 12:00 AM CET

During our acclaimed Platform Experiences we'll give you a step-by-step demonstration of how an application is modeled with the Thinkwise Low-Code Platform.




On-demand Webinars

Thinkwise Platform Experience December 15 - 9:30 AM GMT

During our acclaimed Platform Experiences we'll give you a step-by-step demonstration of how an application is modeled with the Thinkwise Low-Code Platform.

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Low code development platform for software vendors December 15 - 16:00 PM GMT

In this webinar we address the current challenges of ISVs: How do you keep your solution modern?, development speed, customizations, etc. Including cases and an explanation of the licensing model.

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On-Demand: Three low-code variants explained

Low-code platforms come in all shapes and sizes. In this webinar we explain which types there are and for what purpose you use the different types.

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On-Demand: The Low-code platform for Independent Software Vendors

In this webinar, we address the current challenges that ISVs face such as: How do you keep your solution modern? development speed, customizations, etc.

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On-Demand: Accelerate your digital transformation with low code

In this webinar we will explain how to achieve a successful digital transformation using low-code!

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On-Demand: Low-Code for Mission Critical Core Systems

Using a Low-Code development platform to deliver core business applications, including enterprise resource planning (ERP) is rapidly becoming more popular. Watch this on-demand session by Victor Klaren, CVO and Co-founder at Thinkwise, to learn everything about how to evaluate platforms for this use case.

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On-Demand: Architecture, Lifecycle and Governance of Low-Code

What does an application landscape completely built on Low-Code look like, and how do you keep it under control? This on-demand session by Mark van den Berg - Director of Marketing & Communications at Thinkwise, dives deeper into the technical architecture, components, and governance of Low-Code enterprise applications and their lifecycle.

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On-Demand: Low-Code And The Digital Era

In this keynote, recorded during the Thinkwise Low-Code Summit 2021 John Bratincevic - Senior Analyst at Forrester Research explains that Low-Code development platforms act as a modern, pragmatic medium for software delivery and critical enabler in the shift to digital business.

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On-Demand: UI/UX with Low-Code: Demo of a Sample Thinkwise Application

Low-Code, low user experience? Not at all. Watch this on-demand demo to see a fully progressive Low-Code web application in action using the latest Thinkwise technology.

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On-Demand: To Cloud or not to Cloud: A Deep Dive in Low-Code Deployment Options

The Thinkwise platform enables organizations to deploy applications both in the cloud and on-premise. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn about all the different deployment options, containerization, multi-tenancy, load balancing and more.

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On-Demand: Combining Agile and Low-Code: the Ultimate Lean Machine?

Low-Code -a revolution in software development- and an Agile way of working will be key to being competitive through 2025. In this webinar, we share how, by combining both Low-Code and Agile methodologies, IT leaders can create value that exceeds that of the sum of its parts.

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On-Demand: How to Handle Massive Amounts of Mission-Critical Data: Data Modeling and UI Design in Thinkwise

Mission-critical applications require a resilient and powerful method of handling data. Join this high-level demo to see how the Thinkwise platform provides a strong foundation for storing, handling and visualizing millions of records and transactions.

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