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Sustainable growth

At Thinkwise we are committed to taking responsibility for a better planet and guaranteeing sustainable growth. With the Thinkwise Foundation we give substance to our social responsibility by contributing to charities working to protect our planet and improving our living environment or charities which are focused on achieving sustainable growth.


About the Thinkwise Foundation

About the Thinkwise FoundationThe Thinkwise Foundation is an initiative from Thinkwise, based in Apeldoorn, and was established in 2015. From our mission, we believe it is important that the planet can continue to grow in a natural way and that the development of knowledge is invested sustainably.

Every three years, the Foundation commits itself to a pair of charitable causes that also pursue our objectives. Starting from 2024, the Foundation will focus on two specific goals, namely Plan International and Trees for All.

Our focus:

Plan International
Plan International wants to create a world in which all children can develop to their full potential and in which girls and boys have the same rights and opportunities. Discover More
Trees for All
Trees for All is devoted to creating more forests in the world. They contribute to an improved climate, greater biodiversity and healthy living conditions for us all. Discover More

Thinkwise Foundation approach

From 2024 to 2026 the Thinkwise Foundation is going to support the above-mentioned charities by donating a fixed sum each year. In addition, Thinkwise will transfer five hundred euros for each of these worthy causes to the Thinkwise Foundation for every new deal.

This amount will be donated annually to the two identified worthy causes to further support their objectives. The growth of Thinkwise and all its customers contributes therefore directly to a better world and to sustainable growth.

At Thinkwise, we
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Help the Thinkwise Foundation by making a donation

For questions, sponsorship requests or more information:

Of course, as a relation of Thinkwise you can also help by making a donation. This will support our mission to improve the world. If desired, you will receive an honorable mention on the Thinkwise Foundation website. We will be delighted to receive any donations.

Donations can be made out to:

IBAN NL10ABNA0629949905 made out to Thinkwise Foundation

Thinkwise Foundation
Ovenbouwershoek 9
7328 JH Apeldoorn
RISN: 855119251