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The Digital Factory at the heart of innovation

Tooling for technology innovation and process optimization

The Thinkwise platform is factory-driven, not package-driven. In our Digital Factory - a ‘sweatshop’ of technology innovation and process optimization - we jointly build solutions to suit your business. Whereas packages often require extensive personalization and modifications, the Digital Factory allows you to build the right solution from the word go.

From fitting your business into standard packages to expanding your business powered by critical software.

The Digital Factory ensures an infinite technological and functional lifespan for the solutions delivered. It is the development studio in which you design all visual models and processes. This enables you to create the digital blueprint that the platform uses to realize your application. Throughout the process, the GUIs read the model, so as a user, you can work on the end product. 

Full visibility on the end product throughout the production process

Working prototype

When developing an application with the Digital Factory, you can already demonstrate a working prototype of the application after completing the modeling phase. This is due to the phased structure of the development process, and because no code needs to be written for the prototype. Your stakeholders can already see a working end product at an early stage and get an idea of where the product is going. The prototype serves as the basis for further development, adding functionality, and documentation. 

Full control through 360-degree supervision

The Intelligent Application Manager administers all the models of the applications that are in production, test, or acceptance. Application administrators can add authorizations and user preferences. This allows the user to be presented with an application that is precisely tailored to their role and rights. 

Instant model interpretation

The Indicium application tier is a generic service-tier application that uses model interpretation to provide the required logic and functionality. 

Responsive user presentation

The user interaction in the production environment is provided by a Universal GUI, a fully responsive Progressive Web App for mobile, desktop, and other devices. 

Backplate - tnll

Designed for ambitious organizations

Enterprise applications built off this platform are device independent, always fit to serve the right user in the right way – instantly – securely.

At Thinkwise, we
Connect, Deliver, Leap.