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“We lead the digital transformation by freeing the world of legacy software”

It is our mission to free the world from technical debt by demonstrating that it is possible to innovate without compromise.

We see a world in need of transformation, burdened by a past holding it back from moving forward, while needing to address challenges like growth, transformation and digitization.

The collective Thinkwise team is, therefore, dedicated to supporting you in building a never-legacy enterprise powered by our technology platform, talent, culture, and eco-system. 

Our guiding principles
are embedded in all we do:

We Connect 

With and around our customers’ goals

We Deliver

Technology and business results off our AI-powered development platform

We Leap 

Beyond to enable a never-legacy future

In short

Thinkwise is a technology firm which, for over 20 years, operates out of the Netherlands (HQ) and Germany. Its 150-strong employee base serves over 1800 companies, partners and ISVs around the world in Transport & Logistics, Manufacturing, Food & Agri, Wholesale and Retail and not-for-profit organisations.

The company’s focus is transforming and replacing business-critical applications for organisations with large, unique and evolving technology needs through its Thinkwise AI-powered model-based developer platform. In close collaboration with clients and their developer communities, it reduces time-to-market and achieves more with smaller teams. Its ‘modus operandi’ is formed around ‘never-legacy’ and ‘less waste in assets, talent and resources’ sustainability principles.  

Meet the team

Victor Klaren, Co-founder and Chief Visionary Officer
Victor Klaren
Co-founder and Chief Visionary Officer
Af- Team Thinkwise - 1
Mariët Scholten
Chief Financial Officer
Mark Knill
Mark Knill
Chief Commercial Officer
Jessica van Ingen, Chief Operating Officer
Jessica van Ingen
Chief Operating Officer
Jasper Kloost, Chief Technology Officer
Jasper Kloost
Chief Technology Officer
Frank Glazenburg, Director of Professional Services
Frank Glazenburg
Director of Professional Services