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Advanced application development through GAI

Large Language Models (LLM) and Generative AI (GAI) supporting rapid development.

The application of GAI to develop complex or large-scale applications presents unique challenges. In business-critical solutions, this demands a more structured and intelligent approach to tackle the complexity and ensure the delivery and long-term maintainability of high-quality software solutions.

This is where model-driven development (MDD), also known as low-code development, with the Thinkwise Platform steps in, providing a robust framework to harness the power of GAI while mitigating its potential pitfalls.

Generating models instead of code
Machine where possible, human where needed.

AI-powered features,
and more…

Model generation:
Automatically generate application models, such as data models, process models, and UI model, based on documentation and requirements.
Documentation generation:
Generating both technical documentation and end-user instructions for the application based on the model and business logic in any desired language.
Test automation:

Creating mock data and generating unit tests and integration tests based on the specifications.

Code generation:

Generating code templates for complex business logic from natural language descriptions.

Code review:

Streamlining and improving the code review process for best practices, optimizing code performance, and bug and security issues prevention.

Smart user preferences:

Integrating AI to understand and adapt to user preferences, enhancing the user experience and streamlining processed based on how your users interact with the application.

Beyond the hype – where AI matters most for you

The power of LLMs in kick starting a project

Build a model-driven representation of your legacy as the foundation for a never-legacy future:
1. Model extraction – finding, analyzing, transforming and shifting models, metadata and more.

2. Business logic translation – extracting intelligence into business rule models or programming code

3. Model enrichment – automatic implementation of new features and improvements

Thinkwise model-driven platform + GAI = Perfect symbiosis for the next revolution in large-scale application development

1. Why Thinkwise platform and GAI?

The Thinkwise platform is a dynamic environment designed to empower rapid development of models, utilizing a rich library of tested templates and tools, suitable for diverse deployments and organizations. Coupling this with the human expertise and the performance improvements of GAI in the right places and context, form a perfect solution – today and towards the future.

2. Why not use AI to automatically generate all code?

Despite AI's advancements, it is far from flawless, and human intervention is still crucial for risk mitigation and error prevention to ensure the quality of the generated software. To name but a few: natural language which is the basis for interacting with GAI often lacks specificity. There is a dependency on trained and previous code/knowledge which often leads to problems with novel problem solving. There are integrity risks to the entire generated code if a piece or all of the produced output is incorrect by error. Most importantly maybe, GAI struggles (still) with non-functional requirements of generated code such as performance, security and maintainability.

3. What is next in AI for development platforms?

Forecasting AI's next advancements in development platforms is challenging, yet we confidently introduce:

  • Continuous monitoring for model optimization and issue prevention.
  • Advanced process optimization and automation powered by AI.
  • On-the-fly model adjustments based on end-user input and usage (self-learning).
4. What is the biggest timesaver of AI in development platforms?

Eliminating manual tasks in:

  • Modeling, such as generating and automatically populating a data model through AI instead of manually entering all table names, columns, relationships, etc.
  • Coding, by generating code based on descriptions in natural language.
  • Testing, conceiving, and generating test cases based on requirements.
5. Do I really need the Upcycler in the Thinkwise GAI model platform?

The power of the Upcycler tool has a tremendous synergetic effect for a fast-track project. Functionality that runs on outdated technology but still correct in terms of process can be saved and lifted into a new environment. Data and even models can be re-used saving lots of time whilst ‘cleaning and optimizing’ the old for new. GAI automates many of these tasks even further. Read more here.

6. How does the Thinkwise Platform guarantee non-functional requirements?

The Thinkwise Platform contains integrated, out-of-the-box functionality to ensure security and optimize the performance of all Thinkwise applications. Due to the 100% model-driven approach and structured logic concepts, even the largest and most complex applications remain easy to maintain and adapt.