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Tools & Support

A development platform means by its very nature:

building something together. Co-creation, collaboration, knowledge exchange. This can only be done in a thriving community where developers of all sides meet: physical when we can, virtual 24x7.

To empower developers at clients’ and partner sites, we offer an extensive Learn and Support environment. This is freely available to all and through developer events we learn from each other.


Lifelong learning
Everybody wins

Participate in a wide range of online courses on any element of the Thinkwise platform in the E-Learning environment. In addition to e-Learning for the Thinkwise platform, there are also courses for the T-SQL programming language, Crystal Reports, and project management. The list of courses is continuously expanded with new courses, so stay tuned for updates.

Documentation library
Self-help at your fingertips

If you are already working with the Thinkwise Platform and are looking for specific knowledge about which options are available to set up a screen, or any other function. No need to wait, simply dive into the vast library of documentation and to look up all the possibilities available to you. Online documentation is available for all products and components within the Thinkwise Platform.

Nothing feels as good as being in control

A vibrant community
Giving and taking in equal measure

Find answers, ask questions, and connect with our community of Thinkwise users. Besides other Thinkwise Platform users, our own experts are present to answer any question adequately. Furthermore, many blogs are posted in the community about development, new applications such as AI and there is a sub-forum where innovative ideas for the platform can be posted. Check out our event calendar.

Dedicated Support
We are here for you

Should you need urgent help, you can contact our support department. They will help you and solve your problem so you can quickly get back to work creating innovative software for your organization.

Empowered developers ensure that the key insights and expertise of business-critical software resides inside their own company and domain.

Join the Thinkwise community of enterprise application professionals

At Thinkwise We
Connect, Deliver, Leap