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The AI-Powered model-driven development platform for business-critical solutions

The Thinkwise platform ensures that strategies are quickly converted into high-quality business software with an infinite technological lifespan. For organizations that need to run their business using large, complex, unique, and evolving systems, Thinkwise offers a cost-effective and faster alternative to packaged software to drive innovation.

Replace & Transform – Digitize & Build: faster and at lower cost

Tried, tested, benchmarked
Machine manufacturer for food industry – central ERP replacement

Size | FP
lead time | month's
dev effort | hours
team | FTE
Test Screens - light - 3

Market comparison: dev cost 4 times lower & team size 8 times smaller with Thinkwise

What makes the Thinkwise platform a unique and realistic choice for innovation?

Ambitious companies, proudly growing into an international force experiencing an ‘IT lock-in’, have a choice beyond the safe large IT vendors that offer a standard way of working your business should fit into. Thinkwise works around your business operations and strategy. Offering future-facing supportive IT, capable of niche and heavy lifting. Working with models that prove their value every day in companies like yours, open to future technology today, API, and AI driven. The models help you to transform faster and safer.
  • Unparalleled – up to 10 times higher - speed of modernization, fit to measure
  • Made for large and complex applications
  • Never legacy software, always future fit
  • Your vision drives, our technology enables
  • Flexibility at heart, real-time and on demand
  • Perfect integration in your IT infrastructure

Tried, tested, benchmarked
Industrial enterprise - extremely large project supporting growth & modernizing ERP

size | fp
lead time | month's
dev effort | hours
team | FTE
Test Screens - light - 2

Market comparison: dev cost 2,5 times lower & team size 4 times smaller with Thinkwise

  • “Our partner Thinkwise enables us to create the perfect ERP software. We develop infinitely faster, at a much lower cost than before giving Acto and our customers a real competitive edge”
    Willem Verhoef
  • "With a never-ending shortage of IT developers, Thinkwise offers a great solution for with their low-code platform we are saving on average 33% of development time on our projects."
    Rob Valent
  • “Our motto: strength through collaboration, applies to our strategic software partner Thinkwise. Thanks to this successful collaboration, we can continue to innovate successfully in the future.”
    Paul Stoop
    IT Projectmanager VDL
In what way does Thinkwise minimise the risk of Vendor Lock-in?

Quite simply by offering open standards. There is no specific Thinkwise ‘language’, and the models used and built are open to non-Thinkwise environments. The solutions can be deployed on premise, in your own or a public cloud and even the business logic is deployable from a location of your choice. Even if at some point you would want to discontinue on the Thinkwise platform, anything developed, including the code comments remain accessible and reusable.

Can I truly connect to anyone and anything?

The built-in service layer of het Thinkwise platform enables you to conect to any system or environment. As of the moment of modelling, REST APIs are automatically generated, to enable the exchange of data and functionality with external applciations, as well as data imports. Frequently used connections are standard available in the Thinkwise platform and community

What is the AI element in the Thinkwise platform?

Thinkwise platform users (develoeprs) can fully utilize the power of AI without the risks associated with large amounts of GAI-generated code. Here’s the short answer. The Thinkwise model-driven development platform offers a visual and declarative intermediate layer, represented by models. These sit between the business requirements and the actual code implementation. They serve as a blueprint of the application's functionality, providing a simplified and structured representation that is easier to understand, verify, adapt, and maintain.

By having GAI generate these textual definitions of models instead of code and have the Thinkwise platform transform these models into software. This way you maintain full control over the entire development process and life cycle, even for complex and large-scale solutions.

Which technologies does the Thinkwise Upcycler support for a jumpstart of a project?

The Upcycler supports over 50 ‘aging’ technologies such as RPG, Cobol, Oracle, Uniface and many more. But also current technologies from Salesforce, MS Dynamincs or low code platforms like Bettyblocks can automatically be lifted into Thinkwise. This is in particular interesting in cases where the applications have outgrown those platforms in terms of performance and in need of a platform that can handle any complexity, volume and size. Upcycler works for over 95% of systems we encounter in practice. Go to Ask Any Question below in case of doubt about your system.