Thinkwise Low-Code Platform Overview

Thinkwise provides the only low-code platform specialized in the realization of large-scale business software. You will be able to deliver solutions at least ten times faster than with traditional software development. Leverage the platform to replace and prevent legacy software with applications that are a perfect fit for your business and automatically remain technologically up-to-date.

Clear out your back-log in no time and decommission legacy software, making your organization flexible once again. You can do this by creating software that integrates seamlessly and remains easily adaptable, even after implementation.


The Thinkwise Platform consists of six unique components:

  • Software Factory

  • Intelligent Application Manager (IAM)

  • Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs)

  • Indicium Service Tier

  • Upcycler

  • Learn & Support

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Designed for creating large-scale and complex applications

The Software Factory is the development studio in which you design all visual models and processes. This enables you to create the digital blueprint that the platform uses to realize your application.

At Thinkwise, we believe that true digital transformation starts with modernizing the heart of the application landscape. Not building yet another app or portal like other low-code platforms, but really addressing the core of the issue. Simply put: Thinkwise was designed for large enterprise applications. Companies like VDL have preceded you and used Thinkwise to replace their legacy ERP solution for 38 subsidiaries within 3 years. All of this with a project team of less than 7 FTE.

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Deliver a secure and personalized experience for each user

With the help of the Intelligent Application Manager, applications are provided with authentication, authorization and user preferences. The Thinkwise Platform’s runtime components interpret the model from the Intelligent Application Manager along with the authorization settings and user preferences.

This allows the user to be presented with an application that is precisely tailored to their role and rights. As a result, the Thinkwise Platform gives you full control over how, where, and by whom the applications you create are used.


Run-time built, multi-language and available on all devices

The Thinkwise platform is directly available on Windows, Web and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. All GUIs have a wide range of features and are modelled according to the customer’s needs. You can easily deploy multiple user interfaces side by side or quickly switch to new technology. This way you can determine which processes are supported with which environment and offer customers or suppliers real-time access to their data through personal portals or apps.

All standard screen elements are available both in Dutch and five world languages: English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese (Brazilian). In addition, all parts of an application can be translated separately, so that you can make your application available in any desired language without any restrictions.


Seamlessly integrate with other applications and systems

It goes without saying that your software must be able to communicate with other systems. Through the integrated service tier, all desired data and functionality can be safely accessed by means of an open API based on the OData protocol.

The Thinkwise Platform offers extensive integration options such as:

  • Database connection
  • Web Services
  • Business Intelligence
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Office and reporting

Rapidly modernize and transform your legacy applications

The Upcycler allows you to convert existing legacy applications to the Thinkwise platform. With this unique feature, you will be able to quickly create a solid foundation and ensure a jumpstart in your project.

The Upcycler will automatically detect any data inconsistencies, so these issues can be resolved immediately. As the data model is derived from your legacy application, the Upcycler is able to automatically transform and import the data from your legacy application into your new Thinkwise application.

The Upcycler supports the modernization of more than 30 legacy technologies.


Join a community of low-code professionals

To support everyone who uses the Thinkwise Platform in the best possible way, we offer an extensive Learn and Support environment. This consists of the following components:


In the e-Learning environment of Thinkwise you can follow courses to learn the thinking behind the Thinkwise platform. In addition to e-Learning for the Thinkwise platform, there are also courses for the T-SQL programming language, Crystal Reports, and project management. The list of courses is continuously expanded with new courses.


If you are already working with the Thinkwise Platform and are looking for very specific knowledge about which options are available to set up a screen, for example. You can look up all the possibilities in the online documentation. Online documentation is available for all products within the Thinkwise Platform, including Software Factory (SF), Intelligent Application Manager (IAM), and Indicium.


Find answers, ask questions, and connect with our community of Thinkwise users. Besides other Thinkwise Platform users also the Thinkwise experts are present to answer any question adequately. Furthermore, many blogs are posted in the community about development, new applications such as AI and there is a sub-forum where new ideas for the platform can be posted.


Should you need urgent help, you can contact our support department. They will help you and solve your problem so you can quickly get back to work creating innovative software for your organization.


Why choose the Thinkwise Platform?

This will provide unprecedented freedom and agility for your organization, which are vital in order to survive disruption in your market. It enables you to create software that is a perfect fit for your business at breakneck speed. Even compared to other low-code platforms, developing with the Thinkwise Platform is incredibly fast. In fact, you'll easily be more than 10 times faster than using traditional programming languages such as C# or Java when using Thinkwise. And perhaps the best part is that your new software will always remain technologically up-to-date and therefore never has to be rebuilt!

Modernize existing software

Designed for comprehensive and complex enterprise applications

Infinite technological lifespan

Efficient agile collaboration

Unprecedented adaptability

Full integration with your IT landscape


Want to know more about...

Which technologies we offer an Upcycler for?

The Upcycler supports more than 50 legacy technologies such as RPG, Cobol, Oracle, Uniface, and many more. But also modern technologies such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics or even other low-code platforms such as Bettyblocks can be automatically read into Thinkwise. This is particularly interesting if the applications in those platforms have become too complex, and when there is a need for a low-code platform that can handle large volumes and complexity. In practice, the Upcycler works with 95% of all systems that are submitted to us. Not sure if this is possible for your system? Feel free to contact us for the possibilities.

How does Thinkwise reduce the risks of vendor lock-in?

Thinkwise minimizes vendor lock-in to an absolute minimum by offering open standards. We don't have a proprietary Thinkwise programming language and the entire model you build and the database are openly accessible outside Thinkwise. You can use your own cloud or servers and you can even deploy the business logic at a location of your choice. If you really want to stop using Thinkwise, everything can be saved or reused, including code comments.

Our extensive integration options?

With the built-in service layer in Thinkwise, you can easily link to any other system. As soon as you start modeling, REST APIs are automatically created for you with which all your data and functionality can be offered to external applications. Importing data is therefore not a problem at all. Standard connectors are available in the platform and the ThinkStore community for frequently used interfaces.

The #1 low-code platform for core systems