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Customer relationship management

Crafting your own CRM off a development platform is not just about customization – it is about sculpting a dynamic tool that mirrors your unique business identity. Make you connect with the right audience for you.

Custom CRM, Tailored for Precision

Discover how Thinkwise empowers you to create a CRM solution that perfectly aligns with your needs. No more one-size-fits-all solutions, which increasingly are appealingly tailored for today’s ‘Saas based-services’ but a future fit platform that flexibly adapts to the unique requirements of logistics, manufacturing, wholesale - in short real and unique production style companies.

Leading Brands, Exceptional CRM Journeys

CRM: The Heart of Your Success

With the Thinkwise Platform, you craft a CRM solution that fits your organization's unique needs like a glove. Forget bending to the limitations of off-the-shelf packages; Thinkwise offers you the flexibility to build a CRM system that prioritizes relationships with customers, prospects, employees, suppliers, and applicants around your processes and data. All without sacrificing functionality, security and in step with data regulation.

What sets the platform apart is its ability to develop software that grows with your organization. Developing a CRM solution with Thinkwise means centralizing all vital relationship data. Plus, you can access and manage this data from multiple perspectives, tailored to your own goals and needs.

Crafting Connections: Your CRM Reimagined with Five Dynamic Components

Build your ultimate futureproof CRM


1. The digital factory

A software factory for fast and smart code production based on models.

We offer a factory style approach to deliver business critical solutions in any (complex), high transaction infrastructure. Development models and templates delivering constant high quality at all levels, security inside. Modelling instead of programming.

2. AI-models

Generative AI-Powered Model-driven code

Learning models for repetitive, secure high-quality output form the heart of our development platform. AI-generated models coding business solutions with human supervision. Generate data models inside our software factory simply by describing your requirements in natural language.


3. User Interaction

‘Any User’ interaction centric

Our user interaction framework allows any user to have a relevant fast dialogue with the system. In fact, AI is powering our ‘talk to the system’ virtual assistant. Any data, any channel, any language, any role defined for you.


4. Connectivity

Extend your world, bring your eco-system in

Innovate and collaborate with best-in class partners and suppliers. Managed, structured, instant, and seamless integration through open APIs and standard connectors.


5. Upcycler

Can I start today with using my legacy applications’ business logic and data?

Is your legacy running on AS400, Cobol, DB2, Uniface, Oracle, MS Access, or any other outdated programming languages? The Thinkwise Upcycler automatically transforms and imports business logic and data from your legacy application for instant re-use within the Thinkwise platform without creating future legacy software.

Connect With Ease

More than a solution, a platform-built CRM is your competitive edge, empowering you to forge deeper connections, drive growth, and lead through innovation in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

CRM at Your Fingertips: Engage Anytime, Anywhere

With the Thinkwise app, your CRM is always just one tap away. 

  • Access contact details for organizations and individuals instantly 
  • Call contacts directly from the app  
  • Build and view full profiles at a glance 

Why Thinkwise is the real alternative for Your CRM

For companies aiming to optimize operations and scale globally, Thinkwise stands out as a transformative solution. Moving away from the inflexible, one-size-fits-all CRM solutions, our approach is to tailor our technology to meet yout distinctive demands. Designed for tomorrow's challenges, our platform excels at creating a CRM that addresses your specific needs, no matter how complex or nuanced. With model-driven development enhanced by APIs and AI, Thinkwise paves the way for swift and secure optimization of your marketing and sales. 

  • Accelerate modernization with unparalleled speed – up to 10x faster, precisely tailored to your needs 
  • Specifically designed for handling large and complex applications 
  • From legacy limitation to future fit 
  • Guided by your vision, powered by Thinkwise technology 
  • Emphasizing flexibility, available on-demand and in real-time 
  • Integrates flawlessly with your IT infrastructure 
At Thinkwise, we
Connect, Deliver, Leap.