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Business Manager


As a business manager, a company founder or CEO, you work to make progress in business. Not to worry about the fact that despite investing a lot of money your technology does not support your business but holds you back. When working with outdated core systems, there comes a point when you will be unable to keep up with the demands of the business. Around 80 percent of a development team's time is spent maintaining legacy ICT. Only 20 percent is left over for much-needed innovation. On top of that, working with outdated systems requires specialized developers who are hard to find. 

A never-legacy platform gives you and your in-house development teams a much faster time-to-market at a lower cost with more involvement of your own people and a full match to your organisation’s requirements. Standard packages might sound safe but will lock you in and never meet the demands of niche, high-volume and fast-changing companies like yours. 

Meet Thinkwise: the AI-powered model-based development platform specially developed for complex business-critical systems. Not only suitable for companies with their own development team but also for software vendorsand system integratorswho develop and deliver software to their own markets! 

The freedom
to innovate

Design core applications

Thinkwise is the only AI-powered model-driven platform specialized in handling large, complex and evolving applications. Think thousands of users, millions of records, and deployment across multiple continents.

Reuse existing parts

Deploy the Thinkwise Upcycler in the migration process to reuse existing data, processes, and UI elements to ensure a smooth transition from your legacy systems. 

Deliver solutions 10 times faster

Independent research shows that Thinkwise offers the highest productivity of any development platform. Deliver business-critical solutions up to ten times faster compared to your current workflow. 

Suitable for core applications

Unlike other low-code platforms, we offer the only low-code platform that specializes completely in complex core applications. These include mission-critical ERP, WMS, and MRP systems with hundreds of database tables. The platform is used in numerous projects for modernizing legacy applications of various technologies, including COBOL, RPG and Uniface.

Develop anything you need with Thinkwise

  • "Creating a Thinkwise ERP system delivers a future-proof core application, matching the exact customer process requirements. This enables a perfect fit between the company processes and the application."
    Alexander Blommestijn
    Business Architect, fizor.
  • "By modernizing our software with the Thinkwise Platform we can continuously improve our business processes, and create a seamless integration with other business software and stand-alone applications.”
    Erik van Roemburg
    Manager ICT & Projects, VRR
  • “Within six months we had connected the first service engineers to our fleet management platform, and a few months later the entire system was ready for use."
    John Lunenburg
    Teamleader BI & Software Development, Bas Holding

Unique Upcycler technology

Our Upcycler enables you to reuse your existing data, processes and UI elements during the migration process. This means that usable elements from the old application (such as work processes and screen elements) can be carried over as desired. This will kickstart the development process.

The Upcycler supports over 50 legacy technologies such as RPG, COBOL, Oracle, Uniface, and many more. But more recent technologies such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics or even other low-code platforms can also be automatically read into Thinkwise as well.

Deliver solutions 10 times faster

Development lead times will be at least 10 times faster compared to a previous situation. The increase in productivity over traditional programming languages such as C# or Java is unprecedented, even compared to other low-code platforms. This has been established by independent research from research firm QSM.

Because it's possible to model the software, you will no longer need to write millions of lines of code. As a result, the focus of your development team can shift from maintenance to innovation.