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Ready, steady,
all users go!

User interaction independent of technology and device

Even today, many user interfaces are either tied to the underlying device, the technology, or both. Not at Thinkwise. We believe in a never-legacy experience and, as such, in a user-defined look and feel, accessible from all platforms and devices. Even by voice – the AI-powered Thinkwise Assistant listens and reacts to your every query.

Test Screens - light - 3

An experience designed for infinity

Any platform, any user, any device

Our user interaction experience is a key component of the platform’s success. The Universal GUI has recently been (re)designed from the ground up, in synergy with the Thinkwise Indicium service layer, focusing on performance, security, and an optimal user experience. It, therefore, offers an independent future, as well as backward compatibility for existing users.

The Universal GUI is a Progressive Web App, developed with React. This front-end technology offers a state-of-the-art and consistent user experience on all platforms and devices. It is particularly suitable for the dynamic applications of the Thinkwise Platform, but can also co-exist alongside other user interfaces. 

Material design standard

  • - Modern look and feel
  • - Automatic mapping to the device used (screen & input method) 
  • - Optimal use of the device (camera, location services) 
  • - Modelled for and by the users’ needs 
  • - Select functionality fit for the environment and device 
  • - Realtime data access 
  • - Secure support for all personal portals and apps 
  • - Standard Dutch and five world languages 
  • - All other languages can be translated and made available 

A run-time built multi-language experience, available on all devices, by key or voice.