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You are setting the technology strategy that will drive the business forward, innovative, but also safely and securely with a pool of scarce talent. Like no other you know that outdated core systems are holding back the business. Legacy software is unable to keep up with change, especially in times of disruption and innovation. The consequences of this are far-reaching. Your organization's competitiveness might be at risk. Not being able to comply with governance or compliance rules due to outdated software can also have serious implications. 

You might be tempted to go ‘safe’ and opt for an industry standard package, only to find you will spend an extraordinary amount of time aligning your organisations’ requirements to the possiblities inside the packaged software and then to get it implemented and aligned. 

Thinkwise works for and with entrepreneurs. We use standards and templates in terms of technology, but not in terms of forcing your funcational requiremetns to fit. They wrap around you, today, future facing, flexible and secure. 

Meet Thinkwise; an AI-powered model-driven development platform specially developed for complex business-critical systems. We can handle volumes and complexity and deliver much faster with smaller teams. Check out our benchmark results [link to platform page].  

Not only suitable for companies with their own development team, but also for software vendors and system integrators who develop and deliver software to their own markets!  

The freedom
to innovate

Modernize the core

Thinkwise is the only AI-powered model-driven development platform specialized in handling large, complex and evolving applications. Think thousands of users, millions of records, and deployment across multiple continents.

Reduce time-to-market by 50%

Independent research shows that Thinkwise offers the highest productivity of any development platform. This significantly reduces the time-to-market of new products and services. 

Future proof

Applications built on the platform are independent from underlying technology so this will be the last time you need to rebuild your solution.

Reduce time-to-market by 50%

Development lead times will be at least 10 times faster compared to a previous situation. The increase in productivity over traditional programming languages such as C# or Java is unprecedented, even compared to other low-code platforms. This has been established by independent research from research firm QSM.

Because it's possible to model the software, you will no longer need to write millions of lines of code. As a result, the focus of your development team can shift from maintenance to innovation.

Develop anything you need with Thinkwise

  • “Thinkwise is an accessible no-nonsense organization that speaks the same language as Wagenborg. Their low-code platform is the only one that is mature enough to be able to replace our entire software platform. We expect to quickly redevelop the existing functionality and gradually bid farewell to our current systems.”
    Berend Hut
    Corporate ICT Manager, Royal Wagenborg
  • “Without Thinkwise we could never have developed something like the Brexit module so quickly. Using the Thinkwise Platform we can develop software by just focusing on the functionality and the processes. Previously we not only had to test the functionality but also the technology, now we can fully concentrate on functionality."
    Rudy Selles
    IT manager, Verhoek Europe
  • “Our motto strength through collaboration is also very applicable to our strategic software partner Thinkwise. Thanks to this successful collaboration, we can continue to innovate successfully in the future.“
    Paul Stoop
    ICT Projectmanager ERP, VDL

Future - proof

Within the application, the front-end (the user interface) is technically decoupled from the back-end (the database and application software). As a result, the system will no longer become technologically obsolete and no new legacy software is created. In this way, you have a future-proof solution!

Compare this to the case that you decide on a fully custom solution. You can be sure that when the code is delivered, you have effectively created yet another legacy system. The alternative is to opt for a standard software suite. This may sound like a viable option, but the reality is that promises of flexibility are rarely kept. This is why applications built on the Thinkwise platform are made independent of the underlying technology.