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Enterprise resource planning

Opting to build a bespoke ERP on a developer platform instead of purchasing a standard package provides real businesses with unparalleled flexibility and agility.

Custom ERP, tailored for precision

The Thinkwise Platform lets you build a custom ERP system that aligns precisely with your business, avoiding traditional ERP package challenges, with all the benefits of technology standards. Advanced APIs, smart integrations, and an AI-powered core make the platform the scalable, secure, and future-proof solution of choice. Ready to grow with your business?

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ERP on your terms

Move beyond the confines of traditional ERP systems. Our AI- and model-driven platform delivers custom ERP solutions quickly and cost-effectively, ensuring a business-critical environment built for tomorrow. Focus on functionality and efficiency with our innovative tools that guarantee seamless integration with your IT landscape.

Effortless modernization is at your fingertips with Thinkwise: leverage the Thinkwise Upcycler for smooth transitions, benefit from rapid development for unparalleled adaptability, and secure a fully integrated IT landscape.

Your ERP: one platform - five essential components

Craft Your Ideal ERP


1. The digital factory

A software factory for fast and smart code production based on models.

We offer a factory-style approach to deliver business-critical solutions in any (complex), high transaction infrastructure. Development models and templates delivering constant high quality at all levels, and security inside. Modeling instead of programming.

2. AI-models

Generative AI-powered model-driven code

Learning models for repetitive, secure high-quality output form the heart of our development platform. AI-generated models coding business solutions with human supervision. Generate data models inside our software factory simply by describing your requirements in natural language.


3. User Interaction

‘Any User’ interaction centric

Our user interaction framework allows any user to have a relevant fast dialogue with the system. In fact, AI is powering our ‘talk to the system’ virtual assistant. Any data, any channel, any language, any role defined for you.


4. Connectivity

Extend your world, bring your eco-system in

Innovate and collaborate with best-in class partners and suppliers. Managed, structured, instant, and seamless integration through open APIs and standard connectors.


5. Upcycler

Can I start today by using my legacy applications’ business logic and data?

Is your legacy running on AS400, Cobol, DB2, Uniface, Oracle, MS Access, or any other outdated programming languages? The Thinkwise Upcycler automatically transforms and imports business logic and data from your legacy application for instant re-use within the Thinkwise platform without creating future legacy software.

Connect With Ease

What makes the Thinkwise platform a unique and realistic choice for your ERP?

For ambitious companies evolving into global entities and facing IT constraints, Thinkwise offers a dynamic alternative to traditional, inflexible ERP solutions. Unlike other IT providers with one-size-fits-all approaches, Thinkwise tailors its technology to fit your business and strategies. With model-driven development powered by APIs and AI, it has proven to be effective in businesses like yours for nearly twenty years. 

  • Unmatched modernization speed – a customized outcome, up to 10x faster than the market average 
  • Crafted for large and complex applications 
  • Beyond legacy constraints, forever futureproof 
  • Flexibility at heart, real-time and on-demand 
  • Flawless fit into your IT infrastructure 

Leveraging a developer platform in ERP enables seamless customization, ongoing support, and integration with other tools, fostering a competitive advantage and long-term growth potential.

Clients’ evidence...

  • “As a business architect, I have created applications with Thinkwise in less time myself than it would have taken to explain them to a programmer. “
    Edwin Saan
    Business architect bij Koninklijke Saan
  • “Thinkwise has proven that model-driven software development is the best solution for Wagenborg to advance both its IT as well as its business.”
    Arie Versluis
    ERP program manager at Royal Wagenborg
At Thinkwise, we
Connect, Deliver, Leap.