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Warehouse management system

Leveraging a developer platform to (re)build a made-to-measure WMS ensures future adaptability and support for evolving requirements, empowering businesses to stay competitive in dynamic markets.

Warehouse management system

Streamline your warehouse operations with the Thinkwise AI-powered developer platform. Create a Warehouse Management System (WMS) that resonates around your specific needs. Leverage our ready-to-deploy templates and rich WMS expertise to quickly establish a system that synchronizes perfectly with your enterprise's unique rhythm.

  • Instant Inventory Insight 
  • Enhance stock management with AI-driven precision 
  • Effortless Integration with Key Business 
  • ‘Ask me anything’ AI agent 

Endorsed by leading brands

Real-time warehouse and inventory management

Unlock the power of precision in inventory management with Thinkwise. Our AI-powered model-driven platform ensures optimal stock levels while significantly boosting operational efficiency. Experience faster order processing with a marginal error level as the new standard. At Thinkwise, we recognize that no two business processes are the same. Therefore, our solutions are your solutions: they evolve with your business, keeping you ahead in a dynamic market.

Gain deeper insights into: 

  • Optimal ordering times 
  • Ideal order quantities 
  • Necessary minimum stock levels 
  • Outgoing goods 
  • Delivery times

Transform your warehouse management: one platform - five essential components


1. The digital factory

A software factory for fast and smart code production based on models.

We offer a factory-style approach to deliver business-critical solutions in any (complex), high transaction infrastructure. Development models and templates delivering constant high quality at all levels, and security inside. Modeling instead of programming.

2. AI-models

Generative AI-powered model-driven code

Learning models for repetitive, secure high-quality output form the heart of our development platform. AI-generated models coding business solutions with human supervision. Generate data models inside our software factory simply by describing your requirements in natural language.


3. User Interaction

‘Any user’ interaction centric

Our user interaction framework allows any user to have a relevant fast dialogue with the system. In fact, AI is powering our ‘talk to the system’ virtual assistant. Any data, any channel, any language, any role defined for you.


4. Connectivity

Extend your world, bring your eco-system in

Innovate and collaborate with best-in class partners and suppliers. Managed, structured, instant, and seamless integration through open APIs and standard connectors.


5. Upcycler

Can I start today by using my legacy applications’ business logic and data?

Is your legacy running on AS400, Cobol, DB2, Uniface, Oracle, MS Access, or any other outdated programming languages? The Thinkwise Upcycler automatically transforms and imports business logic and data from your legacy application for instant re-use within the Thinkwise platform without creating future legacy software.

Connect With Ease

Rethink Warehouse Management with Thinkwise

Thinkwise works with the business owners at the heart of every line of code. We ensure your WMS is as dynamic as your business, tailoring our tech to fit like a glove around your unique warehousing needs and ambitions. Thinkwise is all about crafting a WMS that not only meets your current requirements but is also geared for the future's unpredictability. Thanks to our model-driven approach, backed by the latest in API and AI technologies, we are turning the dial up on efficiency and security, making your warehouse smarter, faster, in short more efficient in in less time. 

  • Experience a leap in operational efficiency, with an up to 10-times faster project than ‘normal’ 
  • Designed with the chain complexity of modern warehouses in mind 
  • Back away from legacy systems, stepping into a future-proof operational flow 
  • Led by your vision, founded on the Thinkwise software factory  
  • Flexibility at heart, whenever you like, in real-time 
  • Seamless integration in your IT infrastructure 

Having worked side by side with businesses for nearly twenty years, we know that no two are the same.
Therefore our solution = your solution

  • “We are a company that wants to quickly respond to their customers' wishes and processes. We can develop these processes with Thinkwise, and create flexible connections between our existing applications and the systems of our customers.”
    Bert Venema
    IT manager, Westerman
  • “We can now meet nearly every end user requirement, which we would not have been able to do with a standard solution. With a software package we often hear “that’s not included” and “you have to conform to the market standard”. This approach does not suit Omoda, we prefer to go for tailor-made solutions for our customer, so we need that inhouse as well”
    Martijn Van der Maas
    IT manager, Omoda
  • “The new application landscape provides a tremendous competitive advantage because it has optimized the business processes and delivery times have been shortened considerably. Employees now need to perform far fewer tasks and can give priority to things that really do make a difference.”
    René Ruger
    Director Omnichannel Marketing & ICT, Xenos
At Thinkwise, we
Connect, Deliver, Leap.