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Using low-code, you can rapidly speed up your clients’ Digital Transformation. The Thinkwise low-code platform lets you effortlessly fulfill all your customers and the market’s wishes. With it, you can quickly and easily adopt new technologies and develop custom solutions in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional development methods. The Thinkwise Platform offers your organization the flexibility to consistently exceed customer expectations.
How? Read on now!


Secure your competitive advantages

Because the workings of applications have been captured in graphic models instead of in millions of lines of codes, they are faster to adjust to your customers’ needs by an order of magnitude. Thinkwise makes the development process 100% manageable and lets you focus on adding value for your customers.


Your customer's solutions are always kept up-to-date by Thinkwise

Automatically available on the latest technologies

As a system integrator, you will be completely relieved of any technological concerns: we offer full support for the process from software realisation to authorisation and deployment. Your applications become independent of technology and are automatically kept up-to-date. This allows you to concentrate on the business functionality that makes you stand out in the market!

Easily modernise your existing software

When replacing software you may want to copy the data and the data structures. The Thinkwise Upcycler allows you to read in the existing application and derive metadata from it. Items such as tables, references, screen structures, translations and notifications. Based on this metadata, the platform creates the foundation for the new solution.

Manageable customisation for your customers

With Thinkwise a combination is made between a general (basic) model and a customer specific model. Developments, such as changes in regulations, can be modified in the basic model and apply to everybody. If something has to be changed in the customer model then this only applies to this specific customer and has no effect on the general model.

Built for scale

The platform is designed for the realization of large and complex applications. While other low-code platforms are deployed to develop apps and solutions that are supplementary to an ERP system, the Thinkwise Platform is able to completely replace core systems.

Develop at least 10x faster than traditional programming

The Thinkwise Platform provides the highest productivity. This is also clear from independent research carried out by QSM. This not only applies during the development process, but also after going live. The models are easy to modify and they automatically identify any mutual dependencies.

Minimize the risks of vendor lock-in

The Thinkwise low-code platform provides support for open programming languages, such as SQL. It gives you the possibility to define crucial business rules and specific functionality in one or more open programming languages. This considerably reduces the risks of vendor lock-in.


Easily migrate your solution to the Thinkwise Platform

To modernize an existing solution, the Thinkwise Platform is able to extract the DNA from existing applications using the Thinkwise Upcycler. By deriving metadata and converting this to a low-code model, the platform creates the foundation for your new low-code application.

This means that you don’t have to rebuild the application, but you can reuse important parts. Depending on the technology, this will give your project a jumpstart of 20% to 40% compared to starting from scratch!

Would you like to experience the Thinkwise Platform for yourself?

Curious about the possibilities of our platform for your organisation? During our Platform Experience you will discover…

  • How an application is modelled with the Thinkwise Platform.
  • How you can develop software from the business perspective.
  • How you can easily model enterprise software, even without having a technical background,
  • How the platform can best be used for your specific situation.

The Platform Experience is completely free of charge. Interested? Then register now!

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