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Thinkwise Unveils AI-powered Development in the 2023.3 Platform Release

Apeldoorn, October 5, 2023 - Thinkwise, vendor of a leading software development platform for business-critical systems, is proud to announce the release of Thinkwise Platform 2023.3, packed with new AI-driven capabilities and powerful enhancements that drive innovation in the modern business landscape.

LLM Connectors: Integrating the power of Large Language Models

One of the standout features of this release is the introduction of LLM (Large Language Model) connectors. This native integration capability opens up a world of possibilities for organizations by allowing seamless access to the power of LLMs into business-critical applications.

Some of the potential use-cases include natural language query interfaces for reporting on ESG data, personalized automated user support and extracting insights from application data for trend analysis, anomaly detection, and forecasting. By leveraging the power of natural language processing, businesses can unlock new levels of efficiency, accuracy, and innovation across a wide range of industries and types of applications.

AI-Powered Development: A leap in application development efficiency

To boost developer productivity on the platform, Thinkwise introduces AI-powered development in two key areas: the Upcycler and the Software Factory. The Upcycler is a unique component of the Thinkwise Platform used for modernizing legacy applications, while the Software Factory serves as the integrated development environment for creating the digital blueprint that brings an application to life.

The Upcycler now harnesses the power of AI to interpret and explain legacy code, helping developers to understand its function and determine its potential portability to a modernized solution. Additionally, it facilitates the translation of legacy code to T-SQL, further streamlining the modernization process of legacy software.

Meanwhile, the Software Factory now leverages AI to enhance code reviews by evaluating whether user story descriptions align with the code's functionality, ensuring proper code style application, and verifying that the code delivers the desired outcome.

The potential for integrated AI-powered development also opens doors to future use-cases, such as automated generation of help text, entity translation, and even suggesting code snippets based on user story descriptions.

Victor Klaren, Chief Visionary Officer (CVO) and co-founder of Thinkwise, about the new release:

"This release marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of my vision to 'Modernize legacy applications with a single click.' With the capability to upcycle source code into new languages or even convert it into models, we have transitioned from modernizing at a rate of 20-50% to an impressive 80-100%. This achievement represents substantial cost savings, reduced project timelines, and a remarkable acceleration of our mission to “Free the world of legacy software”."

Continuous Improvement and Enrichment

The 2023.3 release also brings a host of other improvements and enrichments to the platform. Now, developers can make public API calls to invoke webhook or subscriptions without forced authentication, enabling seamless integration with services such as Microsoft Graph for processing appointments and emails.

Branching and merging capabilities receive a significant boost with new settings to customize the branch diagram display, a redesigned merge session screen, and enhanced handling of merging duplicate actions. Always looking to incorporate community feedback, Thinkwise has also implemented a community idea for an easier email notification system to inform end-users of maintenance, downtime, and planned upgrades of an application. Thinkwise strives to help businesses and public services stay ahead of the curve and transform their operations into a modern, efficient, and future-proof enterprise. A full overview of all the new features and improvements is available on the Thinkwise Community.