Business software of the future

The current generation business software does not deliver, despite long and costly implementation projects. Thinkwise delivers the solution. Based on a virtual blueprint of your specific business processes we are able to rapidly automatically create software. We do this for both companies that use business software and companies that deliver and sell it.









Unique low-code ERP

Your existing processes are the basis of your new business software. Existing processes and ideas can be retained.

Future proof business software

Always remain up to date and future proof. Changes and updates are done extremely fast and instantly visible.

Faster development

The Thinkwise Software suite allows for 8x faster development of all software between ERP and business app.

Lower cost

Thinkwise uses a model-driven approach that allows your software to seamlessly integrate with your organization. Lower cost and best quality.

Download nu het QSM benchmark rapport over Thinkwise!

QSM: business software / ERP systems can now be cheaper, faster, better

Do you sometimes think: “why can’t my business software be better?” Or do you consider making your ERP system subject to an inspection? Then review this QSM Benchmark report! Because what we thought was a utopia appears to be a reality within your grasp!


Packaging specialist Niverplast has turned to Thinkwise to gain digital momentum

Apeldoorn, 14 June 2018 – Low-code software developer Thinkwise is producing new ERP software for packaging specialist Niverplast. The new business software has been given the name Amber 2 and is already producing major benefits for...

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Three low-code software variants explained

Low-code application development is becoming increasingly popular. This is good news, because it is a true revolution in business software. It allows a much faster delivery of business applications with a minimum of manual programming...

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Forrester Total Economic Impact survey: a maritime transport company achieved 80% ROI with the Thinkwise low-code platform

By selecting Thinkwise the maritime transport company is ready for digital transformation Apeldoorn, 31th May 2018 – The replacement of the outdated ERP customized software by the low-code model-driven software from Thinkwise has...

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Wondering what Thinkwise could mean to you?

In the Thinkwise Test Drive a few of your business processes are incorporated in a completely new application, based on your existing data or ideas. This has a few advantages: you are instantly familiarized with the new software, you can directly see the new options that Thinkwise has to offer and you can a determination whether this will work in your organization.
Because we believe in what we do we are offering to do this free of charge.

Meld u nu aan voor de Thinkwise Testdrive!