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The AI-Powered model-driven development platform for business-critical applications

The Thinkwise platform ensures that strategies are quickly converted into high-quality business software with an infinite technological lifespan. For organizations that need to run their business using large, complex, unique, and evolving systems, Thinkwise offers a cost-effective and faster alternative to packaged software to drive innovation.

Replace & Transform – Digitize & Build: faster and at lower cost

One platform - five components.
Innovate without compromise


1. The Digital Factory

Afraid of future lock-in (again) and in need of innovation today? A Software Factory for fast and smart code production

2. AI-models

Looking for common sense benefits of AI? Generative AI Model-driven code


3. User interaction

Needing a tailored user-experience for everyone? ‘Any User’ interaction centric


4. Connectivity

Needing to share data outside your company, safely? Reach further, bring your eco-system in

5. Upcycler

Can I start today using my legacy applications’ business logic and data? Jumpstart your legacy transformation

One platform to take out legacy software for it never to return. Build the mission-critical solutions needed in today's architecture. Transform or replace your legacy core. AI-powered model-driven innovation where real business counts.

Companies with unique, large, and evolving technology requirements choose Thinkwise


Upgrade your ERP, embed robotization, grip on the supply chains, and razor focus on quality improvements.
Make, don’t break

Transport & Logistics

Finger on the pulse of the full supply chain, eCommerce access, grip on costs
On the move

Retail & Wholesale

Data-driven sales, just right warehousing, cost control, real-time insights, supply chain optimization, optimal customer experience through every channel
Sell more for less

Agri & Food

Vast amounts of data from various sources need analytics, IoT, precision tech, supply chain management & security, source tracing...
Fast and safe

Beyond the hype – where AI matters most for you

Automation is literally ‘a thing of all times’. AI takes this to new and unprecedented levels. But is it the solution for every- and anything at all times, as many would like us to believe? We go beyond the hype and look at the real value it represents today. Model and documentation generation yes! Security, maintainability, performance? Not so sure? Then read on…

At Thinkwise, we
Connect, Deliver, Leap

Warning: the new standard for non-standard business

Inhouse software developers and system integrators create business critical tech that drives your unique business forward. Standard tech where needed, unique functionality and your data.

The only proven time saver for any legacy transformation

UPCYCLER© Clean, sort and lift your existing data into a new tech infrastructure: ask Coffee Fresh | Hartmann | Olyslager

Business solutions to replace (part of) your ERP

No need to change it all, or extend your ERP with new solutions like Warehouse Management
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“Thinkwise showed us that they could replace our entire ERP, both in terms of scale and complexity”

Watch and learn from the fast ERP replacement of food company Vezet.

Watch Now.

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