Who we are:

With the Thinkwise Platform, we co-create sustainable technology solutions that make us both never-legacy legends. However, true transformation takes more than just tech.

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What we do:

REPLACE: The sustainable legacy alternative

  • Unchain your business of the shackles of the past
  • Eliminate legacy software for a future free of its constraints
  • Dealing with legacy software means building a future - today

DIGITIZE: Launch a business centric core

  • Run your business your way
  • Seamless integration of your business and IT operations
  • Embrace never-legacy technology

Reduced over 117 million
lines of code

Saved 800k+ days in development time

Made over 1500 companies future-proof

What Thinkwise has to offer for:

  • Chief Information Officers

  • IT & Business Architects

  • Developers

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CIOs are leveraging Thinkwise to replace legacy and future-proof their IT landscape with perfect-fit low-code enterprise applications.

Outdated core systems are holding back business. Legacy software is unable to keep up with change, especially in times of disruption. The consequences of this are far-reaching. Your organization's competitiveness might be at risk. Not being able to comply with governance or compliance rules due to outdated software can also have serious implications.

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Thinkwise enables architects to design comprehensive core applications that seamlessly integrate with their business processes.

When working with outdated core systems, there comes a point when you will be unable to keep up with the demands of the business. Around 80 percent of a development team's time is spent maintaining legacy ICT. Only 20 percent is left over for much-needed innovation. On top of that, working with outdated systems requires specialized developers who are hard to find.

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Developers use Thinkwise to start doing the fun stuff again.

We are not afraid to admit it: Thinkwise is made for professional application developers. The platform supports all aspects of the life-cycle of mission-critical business applications. It just makes the life of developers a lot more fun. By offloading a lot of the repetitive work, testing, and deployment to the platform you are not only much faster but you can now really focus on the fun and challenging bits such as complex calculations, data manipulation, and machine learning.


Model your own low-code enterprise software

Thinkwise makes traditional software development challenges a thing of the past and enables rapid application development with only minimal technical expertise required.

Greatly boost your software development productivity and seamlessly convert new propositions or business processes into tailored solutions.


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