A1 Software delivers software based on Thinkwise low-code

“The Thinkwise Platform enables us to quickly build a user-friendly cloud software suite for installation companies in the SME sector.” - Danny Scheffers, Director and owner of A1 Software

There is a limited choice of modern business software for installation companies in the SME sector. Many of them still work with outdated software, which no longer suits current requirements. A1 Software provides new possibilities with a complete range of user-friendly and flexible cloud solutions. To be able to produce the new software as fast as possible the company opted for Thinkwise Software.

Danny Scheffers, General Manager / Owner of A1 Software B.V.

The installation service industry is changing rapidly, partly due to trends such as sustainability, Internet of Things (IoT) and collectivity and cooperation. It is difficult for many SME installation companies to respond to these trends because they are working with outdated software. Danny Scheffers, director at A1 Software, has been active in the installation service industry for more than ten years and recognized this as an excellent opportunity: “Modern software for installation companies is in general only accessible for large organizations due to its complexity and high costs. This is why A1 Software is building a cloud-based software suite, specifically for SME companies in the installation service industry, based on the Thinkwise low-code platform. This will give them all the modern functionality and flexibility that they need to respond to their customers’ requirements, without the high investment incurred with the purchase of traditional software packages.”

User-friendly SaaS solution

Danny is no stranger to the installation service industry. He worked for eight years at AGP Business Software, which was later taken over by an English company. He acquired a great deal of knowledge and experience during this period and was involved, among other things, with a selection procedure for the modernization of legacy software.

“Just as many other companies in the industry we delivered a standard package that we developed ourselves,” says Danny. “At the time, we evaluated various options, from code conversion to the modification of existing software packages. All these various options failed. When we saw the possibilities offered by Thinkwise, this was by far the best option. By building model-driven software on using a low-code platform you can free yourself, as a software vendor, from the traditional vicious circle of developing software with a specific technology until that technology becomes outdated and must once again be replaced.”

The take-over of AGP resulted in the modernization project with Thinkwise being cancelled, but Danny Scheffers had the idea to start a new software company. Furthermore he was introduced by Thinkwise to Acto, a company that delivers software for larger organizations in the installation and construction industry, and that was also interested in becoming active in the SME sector. Acto opted for Thinkwise to modernize its existing software package in 2017. Danny decided to apply his knowledge of the SME market to build a new software solution on the basis of the Acto developments and the flexible technology provided by the Thinkwise Platform.

“At A1 Software we are building a fully cloud-based software solution, specifically for the all-round installation company,” says Danny. “It will support all their projects and maintenance activities, and everything is simply delivered as a user-friendly SaaS solution. Our customers don’t need to make large investments and no longer have any more worries about maintaining their software. That saves them time, unnecessary costs and energy.”

Experienced technology partners

It is not an easy challenge to create software with which all types of installation companies can work, from plumbers and central heating companies through to organizations in the electricity, refrigeration, security or sanitation sectors. However, the owners of A1 Software know better than anyone what the current developments are in the SME installation service industry and what is required in software support.

Danny Scheffers: “We incorporate all our knowledge and experience with regard to the simplification and automation of processes into our software. Together with exceptional technology partners as Thinkwise and Acto, we guarantee a very powerful solution for SME installation companies. We provide them with all the functionality necessary for account and relationship management, logistics, operational processes and their management accounting.”

The Thinkwise Platform saves A1 Software a lot of technical work, so that their focus lies entirely on optimizing functionality, ease of use and security.

Danny Scheffers: “Without Thinkwise it would be impossible to build a completely new software solution for our customers within one year. Furthermore, Thinkwise is in every respect a great company to work with. They give us a lot of personal attention and provide us with all the support we need.”