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Customer Case

Acto develops the next generation ERP platform together with Thinkwise

For over 40 years Acto has been helping companies in the installation and construction industry to become successful with a self-developed ERP platform. In 2016 the company took the strategic decision to modernize its existing software solutions in phases with the Thinkwise Platform. What was seen at that time to be a daring strategy is now bearing fruit and is giving Acto and its customers a considerable competitive advantage.

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Key Takeaways


Farewell to legacy

By modernizing their solution using the Thinkwise Platform, Acto was able to bid farewell to millions of lines of legacy programming code, making their new solution far more flexible and easier to maintain.

Integrated processes

Using model-driven software, Acto can offer its customers a significant competitive advantage by deploying best practice industry models, complemented by specific functionality for processes that allow them to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Less dependency on developers

Acto now employs a lot more young employees with a business background. They are able to train them very quickly, which is a tremendous improvement as they are now less dependent on the scarce availability of traditional developers.


What Acto says about
working with Thinkwise:

“We have almost completely got rid of all our legacy software, which contained millions of lines of programming code. That is quite impressive when you think about it. We could never have achieved this without the Thinkwise Platform.”

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