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Customer Case

The international industrial family business VDL fully replaced its custom RPG ERP within a year

Their 30-year old legacy self-developed ERP software was technologically obsolete and no longer suitable for future functional expansion. VDL opted for Thinkwise to modernize their legacy ERP, integrate quality management and create an EDI engine. The new AI-Powered model-driven ERP has since been rolled out to over 40 VDL companies.

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Key Takeaways


Complete model-driven ERP

All departmental processes are fully integrated and automated. As a result, information is always available in real time. Double data entry is a thing of the past. Integrated BI ensures that all strategic management information is fully accessible at all times.

Rapid Time-To-Market

Even though legacy functionality had to remain available and all existing peripheral applications had to be integrated, the legacy ERP has been completely replaced, expanded with quality management and EDI within one year.

Short implementations

The new ERP was rolled out to the various VDL companies by parallel teams, with a turn-around time of six to twelve weeks per company.


What VDL says about
working with Thinkwise:

“Our motto strength through collaboration is also very applicable to our strategic software partner Thinkwise.
Thanks to this successful collaboration, we can continue to innovate successfully in the future.“

At Thinkwise, We
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