Royal Saan replaces legacy business software within a year with Thinkwise enterprise low-code platform

The logistics service provider, Royal Saan, relied on a self-developed ERP platform with four linked software packages for many years. The company selected Thinkwise to completely replace this software and integrate it using the low-code platform. This was accomplished in just ten months and resulted in flexible, modifiable software and drastically reduced costs.

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Customer case Royal Saan

Royal Saan


The entire process, from signing-off a receipt through to invoicing and the final administrative processing, is almost fully automated

One platform

The business software is now integrated in one platform.

100% usability

The business software only contains the functionality that is important. With Thinkwise you do not end up with a ginormous system.

Save costs

The new software saved tens of thousands of euros in costs every year.


What Royal Saan says about working with Thinkwise:

The management could hardly believe the business case,” says Edwin. “If this is possible, then it is actually a no-brainer.

I have no programming knowledge myself, but even I have learned to work with this low-code platform. As a business architect, I used Thinkwise to create applications by myself faster than I could explain them to a programmer.

The #1 low-code platform for core systems