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Customer Case

Royal Saan replaces legacy business software within a year with Thinkwise

The logistics service provider, Royal Saan, relied on a self-developed ERP platform with four linked software packages for many years. To reduce maintenance fees and improve integration within their IT landscape, Saan selected Thinkwise to completely replace its legacy software and integrate it using the model-driven development platform. This was accomplished in just ten months and resulted in flexible, modifiable software and drastically reduced costs.

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Key Takeaways

Royal Saan

Full integration

All their business software is now integrated into one platform. Furthermore, it now only contains the functionality that is important to them.

Rapid Time-To-Market

The two-man development team at Saan, supported by a Thinkwise Specialist, was able to recreate the entire application landscape using Thinkwise in only ten months.


After the first project was completed, a new warehouse management system was developed and implemented at a recently acquired logistics company in just 5 months.


What Royal Saan says about
working with Thinkwise:

"I wholly subscribe to their ideas and vision about model-driven development. The entire software world is growing in that direction. With Thinkwise you do not end up with a ginormous system, of which you only use around half and pay high license fees for. You get exactly what you need. And you save tens of thousands of euros in costs every year.”