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Customer Case

JP Database Solutions modernized its legacy solution for the construction and installation industry

When JPDS was founded in 2005, there was still very little standard software available that provided purchasing guidance for construction companies during major building projects and serial housing construction. JPDS decided to fill this gap in the market. When further development of the existing software development environment was discontinued, they decided to recreate the software using the Thinkwise Platform.

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Key Takeaways

JP Database Solutions

Complete Purchase Guidance Solution

The application facilitates the entire process, from the start of a project through to the construction and after-care for the buyers.

Rapid Time-To-Market

After a jumpstart by Thinkwise Experts, JPDS completed the entire software package step by step in the Thinkwise Platform within one year.

Database upgrade

The Thinkwise Platform enabled JPDS to upgrade their antique dBase database to SQL Server, thanks to the Upcycler and flexible database support.


What JP Database Solutions says about
working with Thinkwise:

“During the training course, it became clear that we wanted to use this model-driven solution for the redevelopment of our software. In addition, it turned out that all the functionality could be transferred almost one-for-one to the Thinkwise Platform.”