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Customer Case

Aartsen builds a completely new core application with Thinkwise

Every day Aartsen ensures that their range of fruit and vegetables finds its way from around the world to their customers. Aartsen calls this ‘nonstopfresh’. This delicate, international process with fresh products was supported by a customized AS/400 ERP system. And that was due for replacement. Aartsen decided to completely redevelop this core application from scratch using Thinkwise.

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Key Takeaways


Real-time data

Due too the new core application, employees can now see all the data in real-time, without interruptions.

Better insights

Aartsen now has much better insights into all operating processes, from purchasing to invoicing.

Improved effciency

Much more customized functionality and the new core application provides possibilities to plan ahead.


What Aartsen says about
working with Thinkwise:

“Standard ERP packages do not provide the specialized functionality that we need at Aartsen. So the best option was to fully redevelop our own core application with the help of Thinkwise."

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