A1 Software created its new suite of cloud  solutions within a year

There is a limited choice of modern business software for installation companies in the SME sector. Many of them still work with outdated software.

To tackle this lack of software support, A1 Software developed a complete range of user-friendly and flexible cloud solutions using the Thinkwise Platform.

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Customer case A1 Software

A1 Software

Time to market

A1 developed a complete range of user-friendly and flexible cloud solutions within one year from scratch, which would have been impossible using traditional software development.

Able to focus on adding value

The Thinkwise Platform frees A1 Software from a lot of of the technical effort, so they can focus entirely on optimizing functionality, ease of use and security.

Modern, cost-effective solution

The new solution delivers all the modern functionality and flexibility that their customers need, without the high investment incurred with the purchase of traditional software.


What A1 Software says about working with Thinkwise:

“Without Thinkwise it would be impossible to build a completely new software solution for our customers within one year. Furthermore, Thinkwise is in every respect a great company to work with. They give us a lot of personal attention and provide us with all the support we need.”

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