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Transform your government organization

The Thinkwise platform is used by the Ministry of Security and Justice and by more than a hundred municipalities.

Digital transformation

Government organizations are confronted with the challenge of outdated (legacy) software that is difficult to modify, incurs high maintenance costs and is unable to keep up with all the current trends and new technologies. This makes it almost impossible to meet new legislative requirements and quickly offer new digital services.

Future-proof modernization

Applying model-driven software development with the Thinkwise Platform for an entire project is at least ten times faster than traditional development, and immediately and completely avoids the creation of legacy software. By defining, for example, organizational processes, logic and the display of information in models, instead of in a programming language, it is possible to quickly adapt to and benefit from new technological developments.

Recycling legacy software

There is a solution for the reuse of functionality from the existing legacy system, including all the data that it contains. The part of the legacy-software that is still functionally usable can be transformed to the Thinkwise platform using the Thinkwise ‘Upcycler’. Along with benefiting from earlier investments, this also saves considerable development time and costs. By also including new requirements during the transformation process, an up-to-date future-proof and flexible system is created that will never again become outdated.

Applying AI

Organizations (some now for more than twenty years) that use the Thinkwise Platform are able to spend the freed-up time and resources on the continuous improvement of their processes and adding new functionality. For example, when new technical opportunities arise, such as the transition from Windows to Web and Mobile, the integration with AI opportunities or the provision of portals to ‘the customer’. Several organizations have already achieved extreme efficiency through the integration of AI with the Thinkwise platform, with regard to both time savings and the more sustainable use of resources and raw materials.

Business and IT cooperation

A characteristic of model-driven software development is that it enables a sound and real cooperation between ‘business and IT’. This ensures that all stakeholders have continuous insight into the progress, operation and acceptance of the application during the development and implementation. This leads to very high quality and guarantees a successful implementation without surprises.

The Thinkwise platform provides a proven scalable solution with very low risk for the software development of large complex systems. Thinkwise helps you to achieve your digital transformation objectives and ensures that your organization is always prepared for the future.

Strategic deployment at government organizations

The modernization of outdated systems or the development of new systems with the model-driven Thinkwise platform is a strategic choice for government organizations that want to be able to progress along with current trends and technologies. Thinkwise was founded more than twenty years ago and many organizations already make strategic use of the platform for various purposes, from small applications through to extensive business critical systems with tens of thousands of users. The Thinkwise platform, as an example, is being used by the Ministry of Security and Justice but also at more than a hundred municipalities for the management of public space.

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