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Thinkwise celebrates 20th anniversary and focuses on sustainability

Apeldoorn, 9 June 2022 –Thinkwise was founded twenty years ago. Needless to say, the Apeldoorn-based vendor of the Thinkwise low-code platform is eager to celebrate this special moment. Tomorrow, the entire staff, together with their partners will be enjoying a summer party on the beach in Scheveningen. Other activities and events for customers and partners will follow during this anniversary year.

Twenty years ago, the objective of Robert van der Linden and Victor Klaren, founders of Thinkwise, was to offer a solution to companies that were struggling with the rigidity of traditional software. These companies realized that the rapid emergence of new technologies meant that their (custom) software had to be redeveloped at an increasingly rapid rate. That costs time and money and leads to system downtime. The idea for a new way of developing software was born: model-driven low-code software that is not subject to obsolescence. Today, Thinkwise still accomplishes this by providing companies with a platform that allows them to create flexible and future-proof software solutions.

Software that is never outdated

Thinkwise CEO Pieter-Paul van Beek explains enthusiastically: “I have been the Thinkwise CEO since last January, so only briefly part of this 20-year history. It is a fantastic company with more than 150 passionate, extremely knowledgeable employees. We have a revolutionary view of the way in which software is created. It ensures that software remains technically up-to-date and never becomes obsolete. This is unique and many people find it difficult to believe. But our partners and customers will unanimously confirm that this is true. These partners are going to play an even more central role in the future. We are going to train them to independently carry out projects for their customers with our Thinkwise Platform.” 


Co-founder and chief visionary officer Victor Klaren on the future of Thinkwise: “During the past twenty years we have built up a fantastic company around our platform. A platform that enables companies to develop software in a sustainable manner, without technological obsolescence. Sustainability will continue to become more important in the future. We are working on ways to reduce the resource consumption of our software, such as limiting the load on the server. Furthermore, like most organizations, we are focusing on sustainability: electric transport, paperless office, and working from home. In addition, we will further develop our Thinkwise Guarantee offering and we will continue with our international expansion. But above all, we are going to make this anniversary year a truly festive one.”