Guarantee by Thinkwise

The Thinkwise Guarantee


Replace your core legacy software within 12 months, or get the license costs of the full first year refunded.


From kick-off to acceptance in 12 months

When you modernize the core system of your organization there are no guarantees. No guarantee when the legacy software will be replaced. If ever. No guarantee that the new system will even work more efficiently than the old system. No wonder many IT managers say that core system modernization feels like open-heart surgery. It’s the most stressful and expensive challenge facing many organizations.

Thinkwise believes that this situation has to change. That software companies should be doing more for their customers. A lot more. That’s why Thinkwise is the only software provider to guarantee that core legacy software is replaced within 12 months. Offering certainty to IT managers and their organizations, rather than vague promises.

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In the unlikely event that you are not able to have the software finished in 12 months, you will get refunded the license costs of the full first year.

Conditions apply, read our Facts & Conditions document for more info!


A unique agile approach for core application development: Act Wise

One of the core objectives in Act Wise is focusing on the development of Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) instead of the project-based delivery of complete software versions or products in one go. This means that the goal should not be to modernize a particular department or a specific software module. Rather, development should revolve around solving specific business needs and bottlenecks, in order of priority. These are usually constraints that impede business growth and benefit the entire organization when resolved.


Your core legacy system replaced within 12 months

Agile approach using unique Actwise methodology

Work with the fastest low-code platform for core systems on the market


“The productivity, expressed in terms of hours per function point, is much better than the market average. The number of hours that is necessary to complete projects is 80% below the market average. Research also shows that, compared to all other well-known low-code platforms in the market, you work faster with the Thinkwise platform.”

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