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New Thinkwise Platform release simplifies development and deployment of core applications

Apeldoorn, 1 February 2022 Thinkwise, vendor of the low-code platform for core systems, has added new functionality to the Thinkwise Platform. The new release makes it much easier for software developers to modernize and update core applications. Not only has the development process itself been simplified, but the deployment of new applications can now also be fully automated.

Building new, future-proof core applications is a combined process of modelling, validation, and testing. Thinkwise has now made it possible to completely automate this process. Even the deployment, placing the application in an environment, can be completely automated without the need for user interaction. Through the Thinkwise CI/CD API, these operations can now be seamlessly integrated with Continuous Integration and Delivery tools such as Jenkins, Azure DevOps and Bamboo.

The latest release of the Thinkwise Platform also further simplifies the migration of outdated legacy systems to new future-proof core applications. Two important new elements of this release are the integrated Thinkwise Upcycler and the Thinkstore.

Thinkwise Upcycler and Thinkstore

The Thinkwise Upcycler is an application within the Thinkwise Platform that automatically requests or reads out the DNA of legacy applications and transforms this to the Thinkwise model. Previously, this was a largely manual process. The Thinkwise Upcycler now makes this process far more complete and user friendly than it was before. It features a user interface for reviewing and refining all the steps before performing the actual transformation. This provides a tremendous jump start during the replacement of legacy software. Transformation scripts for various technologies, such as SQL Server, DB2 (or RPG), Progress, PostgreSQL and Uniface, are included in the Thinkwise Upcycler.

This new release introduces the Thinkstore to customers and partners. The Thinkstore is a kind of marketplace for semi-finished products: reusable components from previous integrations and transformations that can be quickly and easily used in a new application. Using a smart browser, components such as models, integrations, sample applications but even CRM modules and interfaces with a zip code system, for example, can be quickly and easily implemented.


Release 2022.v1. is available as of today. More information can be found in this blog.

Jasper Kloost, CTO at Thinkwise, on the latest release of the platform: “With this new release of the Thinkwise Platform we have succeeded in further simplifying and accelerating the development and deployment of Thinkwise applications. It ensures that we retain our position as the best low-code development platform for core applications in the world. Combined with our unique guarantee, the Thinkwise Platform enables any company worldwide to rapidly modernize their legacy core applications without risk”.