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Easily replace outdated business software

Use the Thinkwise Upcycler to convert existing data and business rules to a new technology environment and business application. It allows you to easily reuse the important and sound elements of your existing software. This enables you to quickly create a solid foundation and jumpstart your modernization project. 

Depending on the technology, the Upcycler can save up to 50% of development time! The Upcycler can be used on over 50 technologies, below you can find some of the frequently Upcycled technologies. 


Many businesses have core systems based on Report Program Generator (RPG), the software on the IBM AS/400 and iSeries computer systems. Although these applications still prove their worth, they have great difficulty meeting today's requirements.


Progress customers are often reluctant to make the transition to the latest version. Reprogramming and testing takes a lot of time, while maintaining the current application is becoming increasingly difficult, due to the growing shortage of Progress developers.


After the year 2000, the Uniface market share has been declining steadily. Maintenance costs are rising, developers who can work with the software are very scarce, and support and development of the software is very minimal.

Lotus & HCL Notes

Organizations that are looking to modernize or replace these applications are often presented with the option to reprogram everything from scratch, which is extremely time-consuming and expensive. Meanwhile, your current Lotus Notes apps are technologically outdated and unable to grow with your company.