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About EsperantoXL


Unique business processes

Since 2002 EsperantoXL has focused on the development of smart software solutions. By simplifying processes we bring speed to organizations. We build innovative applications that optimize our customers’ operational processes, we integrate these seamlessly into existing IT environments and take final responsibility for a continuous availability. Our team consists of technical business experts, who look critically at how our solutions really add value before we implement them.

Our solutions focus on business processes that are unique to our clients and are not well supported by existing systems. We see that the large packages often control 80% of the process and that the 20% that make the company unique are poorly managed shadow solutions. With our no-code and RPA solutions we fulfill the need to apply more flexibility, automation and manageability here.

EsperantoXL & Thinkwise

Various customers of EsperantoXL are still using outdated enterprise IT systems. For these customers, the company develops software solutions that open up modern technological possibilities as a layer above them, including speech technology and Optical Character Recognition (OCR). With the Thinkwise Platform, it is now possible to gradually replace these obsolete enterprise IT systems.

The company made the strategic choice for no-code and low-code software development. “The move to no-code development was an important step forward for our company,” says Bram Berkelaar, Managing Director of EsperantoXL. ” However these solutions sometimes fell short in developing large software solutions to support the primary business process of our larger customers. Thinkwise’s low code platform proved to be the missing link in our proposition”.

“Traditional software packages have a maximum efficiency of 80 percent, but the 20 percent that makes your business process unique, you can’t include in those packages. With Thinkwise you can. You can develop enterprise software much faster and fully tune it to how you want to stand out in the market as an organization. That is an enormous strength. I expect that many of our customers will be happy when they see the possibilities in their own organization.”

Bram Berkelaar, Managing Director EsperantoXL

Mission & Approach

EsperantoXL ensures that its customers have the flexibility to adapt in line with rapidly changing market conditions, without having to change everything.

EsperantoXL is a specialist in supporting organizations in their digital transformation. With extensive experience in optimizing business critical processes, EsperantoXL is able to connect an organization’s IT landscape to their current business.


Financial institutions
In 2008 we developed our own RPA solution for a financial institution based on MS System Center Orchestrator. This solution is still used today. With the help of this solution we have automated a large number of banking processes.

We developed a courier app for a global parcel delivery company. This app is used to deliver parcels to customers. This application has been rated with 5 stars by the TÜV.

Production company
For a seed production company we developed an order entry tool and PIM application. These applications are linked to the central ERP (SAP). We developed a web based client as well as a mobile client.

For a cleanroom technology company we developed a service app for mechanics and inspectors, including planning and registration of measuring equipment.

Retail company
For a retail company (online supermarket) we developed the middleware solution with a no-code platform. This solution was the heart of the operation of this organization. Customers can place orders via an app (developed externally). The entire processing of the order was handled by the platform. In addition, there are several links developed with for example PIM systems.

For an innovation concept in the leasing market we developed a complete platform based on no-code in 3 months. This platform makes it possible to order, deliver and drive a car. For this purpose links have been made with MTC. financial administration and a carshare platform. We have also developed an intake tool for reporting damages to a well-known player in car repair.

Employment agency
For a major player in the Benelux within the temporary employment industry, we have developed a mobile app for temporary workers, various customer portals and back office portals.

(semi) Government
For several provinces and municipalities we have developed portals for citizens and portals for internal processes. For Gasunie we won a tender that focused on facilitating risk management for subcontractors and projects.