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Smart Digital Transformation

ATS Global is the Independent Solution Provider for Smart Digital Transformation.

“We are a company with a passion for automation, quality and IT and deliver tangible business value to our customers around the world. As experts in both information technology and operational technology, we help you create a digital transformation strategy. Besides, we also provide the right solutions for the realization of that strategy, and for the support afterwards. All this is done according to the principles of Smart Manufacturing & Industry 4.0. The return on your investment is our added value, now and in the future. You can count on us. Our experience, your success.”

“We are different. We are independent. We are IT/OT², we are renowned experts and provide unbiased advice for your digital transformation. We provide the perfect mix of our experience, our visionary leadership, our focus on the work floor (Gemba) and your ambitions and expertise”.

ATS & Thinkwise

The customers of ATS have an increasing need for customized software. In response to the increasing demand, the company chose the Thinkwise Platform. ATS is an independent IT service provider for the manufacturing industry. They help organizations with the modernization of legacy software and their digital transformation. By using the low code platform, ATS is able to realize more software for their customers significantly faster with fewer developers.

“There is a market shortage of good programmers,” says Rob Valent, Managing Director at ATS Applied Tech Systems. “Therefore, we were looking for a way to realize software faster. Thinkwise offers us an excellent solution, because with this low code platform we already save a third of the amount of hours we have to spend on programming. That is above expectation. The first projects for customers have now been successfully completed and our customers are very enthusiastic about Thinkwise. We have a lot of confidence in the platform, the support and the organization”.


For companies in the manufacturing industry, the changes are almost continuous. For example, they have to meet all kinds of market conditions and adapt to new regulations. With Thinkwise they can keep up with these developments much faster. Low code is not a phase that goes by. I expect this way of developing software to become very important for our industry.”

Rob Valent – Managing Director ATS Applied Tech Systems

Mission & Approach

ATS primarily realizes software solutions for the manufacturing industry, sometimes in combination with hardware.

“We work together with your multi-functional teams to define your future business model, and to outline new business solutions and a technology roadmap. We feel at home in board meetings as well as on the work floor. We use a controlled risk approach to the transformation, with a razor-sharp focus on the return on your investment”.


ATS is an innovative partner with strategic knowledge offering nine areas of expertise:

  • Automation & IT
  • Lean & Six Sigma
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Quality Mangement
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Application Lifecycle Management & CloudNXT
  • Advanced planning (APS)
  • Smart Manufacturing & Industry 4.0