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ATS Global is the Independent Solution Provider for Smart Digital Transformation.

“We are a company with a passion for automation, quality and IT and deliver tangible business value to our customers all over the world. As experts in both information technology and operational technology, we help you to develop a digital transformation strategy. In addition, we provide the right solutions for the realization of that strategy, and for the support afterwards. We do all this according to the principles of Smart Manufacturing & Industry 4.0. The return on your investment is our added value, now and in the future. You can count on us. Our experience, your success.”

“We are different. We are independent. We are IT/OT², we are renowned experts and provide unbiased advice for your digital transformation. We provide the perfect mix of our experience, our visionary leadership, our focus on the workplace (Gemba) and your ambitions and expertise”.

Our approach

” We work together with your multi-functional teams to define your future business model, to develop new business solutions and a technology roadmap. We feel at home in board meetings as well as on the shop floor. We take a controlled risk approach to the transformation, with a razor-sharp focus on the return on your investment.”

Our History

ATS Global was founded in 1986 and continues its path towards digital transformation. Since then, our highly skilled automation, quality and IT portfolio has continued to evolve, focusing on our customers in a wide range of industries.

“We have both grown organically and by leveraging the complementary strengths of our partners. This gradual expansion has given us a sustainable presence in key geographical regions.”

ATS has developed a strong momentum through an optimal portfolio of products, solutions and services for the industry of today and tomorrow.

How do we work?

ATS Consultancy takes care of the planning and design of IT/OT projects. The concrete elaboration and implementation of these projects is taken care of by ATS Projects. ATS Support ensures business continuity around the clock. In addition, with ATS Training, ATS Software Development and ATS Products we offer the support needed for a successful digital transformation.

Preparing a company for a digital transformation requires a step-by-step approach. That is why we draw up a practical business plan together with you. This way, you will get the most out of every step of the transformation.

Now specific solutions can be implemented. We do this in consultation with you as well. We discuss the transformation strategy and the roadmap for the project and implement the solutions in the right order.


ATS - Digital Transformation is Business Transformation