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Customer Case

Xenos modernizes its business applications with the Thinkwise AI-Powered model-driven development platform

Xenos, one of the largest chain stores in the Netherlands, is using the Thinkwise platform to modernize its application landscape. This will allow the company to predict customer requirements and be faster in anticipating the changing demand. By replacing its legacy IT with a model-driven solution, Xenos is laying the foundation for the future and will obtain greater value from data and the IT landscape.

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Key Takeaways


One central system

All the information about products such as prices, stock details and possible certifications, is now combined in one central system. Xenos can now obtain more value from its data, but furthermore the applications can be modified and expanded more flexibly.

A far more efficient organization

The replacement of the old application landscape by a simplified, modern and modifiable application landscape has resulted in a dramatic change within the Xenos organization. The IT environment can be managed more easily, various business processes have been optimized and responsibilities are clearly defined.

Competitive advantage

The modernized landscape can now offer an improved price-quality ratio and higher availability of products. The company has also gained real-time insights into its business data, allowing it to better deal with current developments.


What Xenos says about
working with Thinkwise:

"The new application landscape provides a tremendous competitive advantage because it has optimized the business processes and delivery times have been considerably shortened. Employees now need to perform far fewer tasks and can give priority to things that really do make a difference. We can certainly say that the modernization project has been a tremendous success. We are facing the future full of confidence."

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