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Customer case video

Royal Vezet's Legacy Transformation

Unbeknownst to many, Royal Vezet's products grace our daily lives in the Netherlands - almost everyone has relished their pre-cut vegetables and fresh salads. Yet, in their quest for growth, Vezet faced a formidable challenge: a fragmented app landscape and outdated systems hindering progress. A five-year attempt to replace the ERP system, with a hefty budget and countless man-hours, yielded only partial success, quickly becoming obsolete and sparking new legacy issues. Watch how Vezet, with the Thinkwise Platform, ingeniously turned the tide in this subtitled (Dutch) video.

Key Takeaways

Royal Vezet

Speed and Complexity:

Royal Vezet experiences unparalleled speed in software development and the ability to effortlessly build complex functionality.

Time Savings and Agility:

With the Thinkwise Platform, Royal Vezet can now accomplish in weeks what used to take months. The business is often pleasantly surprised by the speed of IT delivery.

Cost Savings and Efficiency:

Royal Vezet not only saves time but also reduces costs significantly by eliminating outdated systems, resulting in lower licensing and maintenance expenses.

What Royal Vezet says about the
collaboration with Thinkwise:

"Thinkwise has enabled us to rapidly build and evolve software. What used to take months can now be done in weeks. We also ultimately save a lot of money by reducing licensing and maintenance costs when we can retire the old systems."