Customer Succes Story – Manter International B.V.

Manter International in Emmen is a manufacturer of weighing and packaging machines for fresh potatoes, vegetables and fruits. Flexible, customer-oriented packaging solutions and exceptional service are the foundation for the Manter success. Manter was founded more than 21 years ago by Herman Wehkamp and Peter Lenferink and is now supplying worldwide to over 50 countries.

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Customer case Manter



In a very short time, we saw our existing application back but completely modernized under a new database and readily available for Windows, web, tablets and smartphone.


Thinkwise translated the functionality 1 to 1 to the new environment.

Improved performance

The modern GUI is very user-friendly and performance is greatly improved. Work is faster and more efficient. There are demonstrably fewer errors.

Management information always up to date

Immediate insight into the status of orders, current stock and orders.


What Manter says about working with Thinkwise:

"We can now continue to grow Manter with the same staff, whatever the future holds, the software always supports our plans. "

"The collaboration went beyond expectations. The project team, which included Thinkwise and Manter, shared knowledge and switched quickly during the implementation. We are impressed with the result and look forward to the future with confidence."

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