Manter International replaced its legacy Delphi ERP using low-code to support their international ambitions

Manter International in Emmen is a manufacturer of weighing and packaging machines for fresh potatoes, vegetables and fruits. Their legacy Delphi ERP posed a continuity risk and held back their potential for technological and functional development.

To future-proof their IT landscape Manter opted for the Thinkwise Platform to modernize their custom ERP to a new low-code solution.

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One-To-One Transition

The Thinkwise Platform enabled a one-to-one translation of the existing functionality to the new environment. Manter wanted to keep all the existing functionality before they started to look at any functional expansions and optimizations.

Future-Proof solution

By modernizing their application, Manter nullified the continuity risk of their legacy ERP and were able to achieve growth with the same number of staff.

Improved performance

The modern GUI is very user-friendly and performance is greatly improved. Work is faster and more efficient. There are demonstrably fewer errors.

The #1 low-code platform for core systems