IT Partner accelerates the development of port logistics software

IT Partner is a successful internationally operating software company, which specializes in the automation of the port logistics sector. The company opted for Thinkwise to accelerate projects for its customers and create a future-proof foundation for its software development.

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High development speed

The high development speed and built-in features of Thinkwise allowed more functionality to be delivered than initially planned.

Full integration

A full integration with the port system was realized, so much information was already immediately available in the new platform.


Much standard functionality is offered directly from the Platform


What ITpartner says about working with Thinkwise:

“Thinkwise appeared to be the only company able to actually build mission critical ERP-type systems. That is essentially what we do, so it was a reasonably simple choice for us to make.”

“With Thinkwise as our business partner we are aiming for future-proof software development."

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