BAS Holding integrates and modernizes business applications with Thinkwise low-code platform

BAS is a trading company and service provider that provides solutions to transport companies worldwide, allowing these companies to better deal with the dynamics of the international transport sector. The company opted for the Thinkwise Platform in 2012 to develop a fleet management application and is currently carrying out several new software projects with the platform. 

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Customer Case BAS Holding

BAS Holding

Quick and flexible

First service engineers connected to the platform within 6 months. Within 12 months the entire system was ready for use!


FleetGuide was used by four employees for one customer. Now 15 customers are managed in the new platform, but with a team of only 10 people.


The new business software will be operational in all workshops in the Netherlands in 2021 and will then be extended to Germany.


What BAS Holding says about working with Thinkwise:

“Within six months after starting the project we had connected the first service engineers to our fleet management platform, and a few months later the entire system was ready for use.”

“We have been working very satisfactorily with Thinkwise for quite some time now. “We are a very demanding organization,and with the platform you can very quickly create the basic elements of a process and then optimize it afterward. This makes it very easy to brainstorm with the business, you can develop quickly and soon have a clear picture of how the processes work.”

The #1 low-code platform for core systems