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Working at Thinkwise

I chose to work at Thinkwise in May 2019. After 11 years in ICT consultancy and HR at a large system integrator in the middle of the Netherlands, I had a strong desire for a change. Working at an organization with 2500 colleagues and many different customers has many advantages, but in such an environment, the impact you can have as an individual employee is quite limited.

Of course, you can always continue to develop and work quietly on the changes dictated by others. But making a real impact on your organization and that of your customers is a utopia. What’s more, I’ve always wanted to contribute to modernisation and innovation. Maintaining the status quo for an organization and its customers… that’s not something that interests me.

Someone in my network pointed me to Thinkwise in 2019. To be honest, I had never heard of Thinkwise, neither the company nor the Thinkwise Platform. Something I can hardly imagine now. I visited the website, read blogs and articles on the internet and was so enthusiastic that I decided to apply for the vacancy of Manager of the Thinkwise Academy. And then everything went fast.


A telephone call with one of the recruiters was soon followed by interviews with managers and the directors. They excited me with their enthusiasm and pride. The passion and enthusiasm that they radiated, to be part of an innovative organization that from a superb building in Apeldoorn is setting the new standard in the world of low-code solutions for core systems, was fantastic to experience.

The size of the organization immediately appealed to me. With the 125 employees at that time, the startup phase was long past. It was just the right size to be able to know everybody personally and understand the impact that everyone’s work has on Thinkwise.


The onboarding was an acknowledgement of the impression that I had gained during my interviews. With a small group of four new colleagues we were warmly received on the first day and introduced to the world of Thinkwise. During the first week when, along with becoming acquainted with the organization, there was also a lot of time spent on familiarization with the Thinkwise Platform. We quickly learned a lot about the Thinkwise Platform through e-learning with assignments in a demo-environment. We also had classical training and individual attention from a trainer. Further every department took the time to give a presentation to new colleagues about the activities within their department.

Introductions to the departments

The Research & Development department comprises around 20 professionals. They are together responsible for the continued development of the Thinkwise Low-Code Platform. This comprises a group of fanatics for whom only the best is good enough. This is not just evident in their work, but also during a game of table football in the canteen.

The Customer Solutions department is involved in Thinkwise projects at customers, from the analysis through to implementation. They develop business solutions themselves using the Thinkwise Platform, which involves activities that are extremely dynamic, diversified and challenging.

The Service & Care department further develops the applications that are built by Customer Solutions. They also ensure that the latest technologies from R&D are implemented for the customers. Service & Care is acquiring an increasingly prominent role within Thinkwise where it concerns answering questions from developers about working with our platform.

The keyword of the Business Development department and also our Sales department is modernization. Our colleagues in this department have a better understanding than anyone about the latest developments in the market; they fully understand the requirements and challenges of our customers and can offer a future-proof solution.

The Marketing & Communication department ensures that the wider public becomes better acquainted with the powerful and innovative character of Thinkwise through campaigns, mailings, events and articles. Furthermore, they provide organizations with the right insights about how to develop solutions with the Thinkwise Platform. This means a fast time-to-market of applications and no more concerns in the future. The Thinkwise Platform seamlessly matches and supports their business-critical processes. And it is also easy to operate, can be optimally customized and is technology independent.


It is not only the fact that these departments cooperate so logically and seamlessly with each other that made a great impression during the first weeks. It is also the enthusiastic manner in which everyone talks about the departments and the work. This was apparent during the presentations, but also when we first met all our colleagues during lunch. The lunch typifies the Thinkwise culture. In many companies, everyone sits with their departmental colleagues, but at Thinkwise colleagues from different teams and departments spontaneously seek each other out. The mutual pride in the company and the product ensures that there are no compartmentalized and blinkered attitudes within the company.

Development paths

Working at Thinkwise means that every day you are working with innovation, growth, customers and in particular with each other. Also the personal development of employees at Thinkwise is of the highest importance. Thinkwise has drawn up a development path together with the employees for each department and each role. It is specified how an employee can take the next step in their career, both in their present role or in the following role. A combination of appropriate training, work experience and coaching-on-the-job ensure that you are continually challenged to get the best out of yourself.


And there is of course time for relaxation with your colleagues. Work Hard – Play Hard also applies to Thinkwise. Along with a trendy bar where we close the week with a Friday afternoon drink, fanatical table tennis and table football games are played every day.
The team trips and the annual summer party are also extremely well attended. During these occasions, it is clear from the pleasure they have, and also the serious discussions, that as colleagues Thinkwisers are also tremendously friendly with each other.


The mandatory working from home during the Corona crisis has only served to strengthen their mutual commitment and involvement. It remains possible to close the week together through an online Friday afternoon drink. Playing games with each other online has never seemed so normal.

In short: When I took the step in May 2019 to start working at Thinkwise I expected to join an innovative, fast-growing organization. And my expectations have been more than fulfilled! I am still happy every day with my choice to join this team of passionate professionals working together to set a new standard in enterprise low-code solutions, and that I am working on the future with full conviction in my role as Chief Human Resource Officer.

Come and work at Thinkwise

We are growing every day and we make use of the latest technologies, an innovative product and very talented employees with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Would you like to participate in this growth? Go to werkenbijthinkwise for more background information and our vacancies.