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VRR selects Thinkwise enterprise low-code platform to realize its own ERP

Apeldoorn, March 3 2021 – VRR focuses on continuous innovation and process improvement to provide optimal service to their customers. The company, which develops and manufactures air-cargo containers, has decided to replace its entire existing ERP system with Thinkwise. VRR expects to complete the project during this calendar year and thereby facilitate all its business processes.

After having worked for almost 20 years with a standard ERP package, it was apparent in recent years at VRR that there was no longer any flexibility and little room left to maneuver. According to Erik van Roemburg, ICT Manager & Projects at VRR, the organization was increasingly focusing on Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) and Lean principles. This was already partially implemented in the existing software, but when it came to fast process changes the standard software imposed many limitations. The software has become inflexible and applying modifications was very time and energy consuming.

Erik: “From a business viewpoint we are a very mature company. Our processes are correctly defined and IT must conform to and support these processes, and not vice-versa. Furthermore, we want to be able to continuously improve these processes and facilitate the users as well as possible. To take the next step, we would have had to modify the basic functionalities of our package, and the software supplier of our old package could not provide the correct help.

After some research into other low-code platforms, Thinkwise quickly proved to be the perfect match for VRR. “Thinkwise initially gave a demo,” says Erik. “In addition, within one month they carried out a very impressive data conversion of our existing ERP system and delivered a working version in the Thinkwise Platform, including improvements. This made a great impression. Following this, I visited Thinkwise to build a specific module, and even that was completed in one morning.

Continuous innovation

By making the step to switch to the Thinkwise Platform, VRR aims to phase out its existing ERP package and optimize both the internal integration as well as the integration with external parties.

We feel like real pioneers with regard to digitalization in the Dutch SME market,” Erik states. “We are taking this step now to get ahead of our competition. By modernizing our software with the Thinkwise Platform we can continuously improve our business processes, and create a seamless integration with other business software and stand-alone applications.

Thinkwise offers a very good solution for the manufacturing sector. “Our low-code platform is extremely suitable for the processes in this industry, for which close integration with other systems and partners in the chain is crucial,” says Yannick Livestroo, Account Executive at Thinkwise. “We are therefore very pleased to be able to welcome an innovative company as VRR as our customer.

Short duration time

During the coming month three VRR employees will be trained to work with Thinkwise. During the first phase of the project they will be assisted by a Thinkwise Expert. Afterwards they will independently develop the entire ERP system in the new low-code platform. It is expected that this project will be completed by the end of the year.

This sounds very ambitious,” Erik admits. “But based on what we have seen of this platform up till now, it must be possible. If we would attempt to build something like this using traditional development tools, we would be busy for more than a year with 25 programmers. We will now do it with just three people.

Practical and pragmatic

Erik van Roemburg is looking forward to the upcoming project and the intended results, namely being able to phase out their existing ERP system and replace it with an integrated low-code environment, with which the company can raise its services to an even higher level. Thinkwise, both now and in the future, has become a real knowledge partner for VRR, with which it can fulfil its ambitions and vision.

The people at Thinkwise are accessible, friendly and down to earth,” Erik concludes. “They are furthermore practical and pragmatic and they are always ready and available to help us. That is very nice.

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