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Van Dorp Installations & Thinkwise Software further extend their cooperation

Thinkwise and Van Dorp have grown tremendously since the start of their cooperation in 2012. Van Dorp has expanded its services portfolio and Thinkwise has continued to develop its low-code platform. Developments at Thinkwise, including the Internet of Things (IOT), Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), integration and (more) modern user interface(s) are important reasons for Van Dorp to intensify its cooperation with Thinkwise.

Chris van der Veen (General Manager, Van Dorp): “The Thinkwise Platform is continuously under development. The new Universal GUI that went live earlier this year is a great example of this. In addition, due to the integration layer in the Platform we can easily connect to other applications and sensors.”

The strict separation of technology and functionality in the Thinkwise Platform enabled Van Dorp to convert its entire Service Management application of almost 500 tables (used by the same number of employees) to the latest technology within five days. The application developers at Van Dorp have all received training in the latest version of the Software Factory. This ensures that Van Dorp is again technically fully up-to-date and ready to expand the functionality of the SMS application.

Van Dorp Installations

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