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Thinkwise wins 2nd place at Computable Awards for software supplier

Apeldoorn, 1 November 2017 – Thinkwisethe low-code software supplier,  won an honorable second place yesterday at the 2017 Computable Awards in the category of ‘Software Supplier of the year’. Thinkwise were second just behind Citrix, but finished ahead of direct competitors such as SAP and AFAS as well major international software companies such as Adobe and HPE.

On Tuesday, 31 October 2017 during an entertaining and exciting evening, the Computable Awards were presented for the twelfth time to companies, projects and people who have clearly distinguished themselves in the past year. Thinkwise was nominated in the ‘Software Supplier of the Year’ category and was up against competition from companies such as SAP, Citrix, AFAS, Adobe and HPE. The winners were determined for fifty percent by an independent jury and for the other half by the readers of Computable. Thinkwise received 20.5% of the jury votes, versus 24.7% for Citrix. Of the public votes, 8.4% were cast for Thinkwise and 12.4% for Citrix. With an average score of 18.6% Citrix gained a narrow victory over Thinkwise, who received 14.4% of the votes.

“Unfortunately this year we just missed out on the Computable ‘Software Supplier of the Year’ award”, says Robert van der Linden, co-founder and CEO of Thinkwise. “Even so, this second place does feel like a victory to us. Citrix is not a direct competitor and we finished ahead of a long list of major traditional software suppliers. This result reflects the momentum of the low-code revolution and our leading position in this landscape. This proves that we provide the best low-code platform for business software that enables companies to innovate faster and more efficiently.”

Virtual blueprint

Thinkwise received this recognition by Computable for its Thinkwise Suite, a low-code software development platform. With this platform the company produces business software, in an innovative manner, which perfectly suits the requirements of an organization and can be flexibly modified at any time. The platform is also used to modernize existing business software. Developing software with Thinkwise is on average eight times faster than with alternative development platforms. It works on the basis of a virtual blueprint, a graphical model that exactly describes how an organization works. The software is generated automatically on the basis of this virtual blueprint, and if a process changes, you only need to adjust the virtual blueprint. In this way, business software does not hinder a company’s growth. By developing with the Thinkwise Suite the software always remains technologically and functionally up-to-date.