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Thinkwise technology is available to everybody

When I founded Thinkwise in 2002 together with Victor Klaren, we had the grand ambition to conquer the enterprise software market with our low-code software development platform. We have been very successful in achieving this through many years of developing suitable ERP software for hundreds of organizations. However it has become clear that we can no longer satisfy the demand. This is why Thinkwise is now entering into a new phase in its history.

Robert van der Linden, founder of Thinkwise.  It is no secret that Thinkwise offers a unique product in the low-code landscape. Forrester research agency even refers to us as the only supplier that can replace full-blown ERP software with our low-code, model-driven platform.

The development of enterprise software is far more complex than producing a front-end web app, in which many other low-code platforms are specialized. The speed of development of our projects is indeed ten times faster than with traditional development tools, but they remain large projects, where even after the first delivery many things are further optimized. Not because they have to be, but because it is possible. New insights can be incorporated into the software at high speed. As a result of this we have extremely close and long partnerships with our customers. The downside of all this is that increasingly often we have to say no to new customers, simply because we do not have sufficient developers. We have therefore decided that Thinkwise is going to make a strategic turn from software developer to technology supplier. Our development platform is now so mature that we can happily leave the development of end-customer solutions to existing and new partners. And we can then primarily focus on the improvement and expansion of our development platform.

Business critical IT

The market for low-code software platforms has been growing for many years, but has recently gathered momentum. Research carried out by MarketsandMarkets shows that the market of 4.32 billion dollar in 2017 will grow to 27.23 billion dollar in 2022. This growth, by a factor of six in just five years, implies that the demand for low-code software solutions will greatly increase during the coming years. And that does not just cover customer-oriented web and mobile applications, but concerns a complete transformation of the way in which we think about business software. Right from the start Thinkwise’s vision has been that as a company you must be able to continue the further development of your business software, without being hindered by complicated updates, new technological developments or poorly integrated software solutions. We have consistently applied this philosophy in our platform, so that it can support organizations in the broadest possible sense. Thinkwise offers a very strong technological foundation with which companies can give shape to all their core-processes and business critical IT in our low-code platform. And in my opinion that is exactly the type of low-code platform that companies need in the long term.

Focus on development

To better meet the demand for our platform , we will increasingly focus on expanding our partner network. The role of technology supplier will come to the fore, even though this is not new for Thinkwise. For example, Acto, a major software supplier in the installation and construction branch has already opted for our low-code platform to modernize its own software, which it supplies to its customers. The objective is to now attract an increasing number of partners that want to modernize their own software.

Another important target group consists of IT service providers, system integrators and consultancy firms that are looking for an alternative for the implementation of monolithic enterprise software packages or the development of custom software. By replacing this with a low-code model-driven approach they can deliver results much faster for their customers. In my experience this applies for all companies that have experienced the benefits of low-code development. Once they understand that they can continue to tweak and improve their business software with a low-code platform, they quickly embrace the power of our platform. They see a new world of opportunities, that were previously unthinkable And that further development is also precisely what Thinkwise is now also going to focus on. By making our platform even more versatile and user friendly, our partners can provide their customers with the best possible business software. We are ready for this new phase. Are you?