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Thinkwise Summit 2023: Crafting a Forever-Innovative Organization – turning strategy into Action

“It takes more than tech to transform” – Apeldoorn, October 4, 2023

Apeldoorn, 7 september 2023 – On October 4, Thinkwise, a technology company specializing in transforming mission-critical applications in complex, data-rich, and transaction-heavy environments, will host its third annual summit with the theme "It takes more than tech to transform." Throughout the day, a diverse lineup of keynote speakers and numerous companies will provide inspiration and insights into the 'how' of transformation. Leda Glyptis, a former banker, academic, and current technology expert, will distill key lessons from her latest book, ‘Bankers Like Us: Dispatches from an Industry in Transition’.

While much discussion revolves around digitalization and strategy, Thinkwise's focus this year will be primarily on the 'how' question. How can you build an organization that keeps innovating? It's not just about technology; it's about culture, talent, and creating a collaborative ecosystem.

Expert Sessions

This year, a multitude of companies, including fashion retailer Omoda, Tech company Visma Solidbricks, the international Danone, and various other organizations, will share their experiences. Additionally, the event will feature diverse workshops and a hackathon, in which Thinkwise partners compete to create the most innovative solution in a short period of time.

"More than tech"

Pieter-Paul van Beek, CEO of Thinkwise, states: "The burden that 'legacy software' places on organizations has become unbearable in many cases, due to the costs it entails and the significant security risks it poses. Moreover, it hinders essential innovation and change. While technology provides us with numerous means to combat technical debt, more than technology is required to offer lasting solutions. For companies and governments, initiating this transformation with a focus on talent, corporate culture, and the broader ecosystem is crucial. It might be surprising that a technology company opts for a 'More than tech' theme, but we firmly believe that transformations aided by our platform can largely be carried out by the organization itself and can be sustained."

Free Registration

The third Thinkwise conference will once again witness broad international representation from its customer base and industry partners. All those interested in this theme are warmly invited, registration can be done through the event's website.