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Thinkwise Low-Code Summit 2022: focus on sustainable software development

Apeldoorn, 22 September 2022 - On 12 October Thinkwise the vendor of a low-code platform for core applications, will organize its annual Low-Code Summit. With business tracks, technical sessions and a live hackathon, Thinkwise will share all the ins and outs of low-code with visitors from around the world.

Thinkwise understands that companies need flexible and modern business software to be innovative within their market. But organizations often struggle to meet modern expectations and keep up to date with new legislation. This often leads to great frustration. Software should motivate innovation, and not restrict it.

Platform for digital transformation

During the 2022 Low-Code Summit Thinkwise will demonstrate how it enables companies and organizations to modernize large, business-critical applications, at an extremely high speed of development, whilst at the same time providing tremendous flexibility. Thinkwise will show how low-code has grown from a solution for prototypes and the development of small apps into a sustainable digital transformation platform.

Pieter-Paul van Beek, Thinkwise CEO, says: “At the Thinkwise Summit visionaries, pioneers, and innovators from the IT sector will share their insights with the visitors. This helps visitors to grow their company and create relevant solutions for their customers. When you attend the Summit, by day’s end you leave inspired, with new insights and have made crucial connections with other international executives and IT innovators.”


Various experts will attend the business and technical knowledge sessions. Arie Versluis, ERP Program Manager of the international maritime logistics service provider Wagenborg (with 200 ships and 3000 employees), will provide a glance into the low-code experiences of Wagenborg. He will demonstrate the importance of adopting low-code as a strategic policy for digital transformation in the maritime logistic industry. In a technical session Jasper Kloost, Thinkwise CTO, will present a preview of what we can expect from the development of the most sustainable software development platform ever produced. And this is just a small selection of everything that is on offer. The complete program can be found here.

Live Hackathon

There will also be an exciting Live Hackathon during the Summit. Thinkwise has challenged partners to come up with out-of-the-box solutions for sustainability issues. There will be regular updates on their progress during the day. You will also be able to visit the stands of these partners to learn more about their approach and expertise.

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