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Thinkwise low-code platform gets a new universal user interface

Apeldoorn, 14 july 2020 – Thinkwise, supplier of an enterprise low-code platform, introduces its new Universal GUI. Along with a fresh look and feel, this state-of-the-art user interface offers various new capabilities and seamless support for all platforms and computer screens. Starting from today, the Thinkwise Universal GUI is generally available for users of the platform.

Since the low-code platform appeared on the market eighteen years ago, Thinkwise has supported various user environments, first for Windows and later for web and mobile. From the start the company has removed any technological concerns of its customers by always offering user interfaces, which are seamlessly interchangeable, based on the latest technology. The current user environments of the Thinkwise Platform will be replaced by one new user interface: the Thinkwise Universal GUI. The graphical environment is suitable for all platforms and computer screens, offers a modern look and feel, more flexibility and improved performance.

We are very proud to introduce the Thinkwise Universal GUI”, says Jasper Kloost, Thinkwise CTO. “This is a major step forward for the platform, and it once again proves that customers can survive changes in technology with our low-code platform. All applications that have ever been built with the Thinkwise Platform, can upgrade to the Universal GUI without any problems, and immediately benefit from this brand-new front-end technology.

Always the latest technology

Thinkwise has a unique position in the low-code landscape due to its focus on large-scale and complex business software and the replacement of legacy. Model-driven applications, which are independent of the underlying technology, can be built with the low-code platform. Thinkwise continuously upgrades the various components of its platform with the latest technology, from which end users automatically benefit.

Thinkwise guarantees that the platform always makes use of the latest technology,” Jasper states. “With the current user interfaces for Windows, web and mobile we ran up against limitations inherent in the technologies they use, and we could no longer offer the user experience and performance that we want.

After an extensive technological assessment Thinkwise opted for React as its new front-end technology. We found React to be best suited to the highly dynamic character of the Thinkwise user interfaces, which automatically adapt to changes in the blueprint of Thinkwise applications. With eighteen years of experience in UI development, Jasper’s team developed an entirely new user interface for the Thinkwise Platform within eighteen months. Customers can now benefit from all the innovations of the Thinkwise Universal GUI, which has been designed according to the Material Design standard, providing all applications with a modern look and feel. They dynamically adapt to the screen size and are optimized for touch control. In addition, the performance has been greatly improved by making use of the latest techniques and technologies.

Jasper Kloost: “For most customers the upgrade to the Universal GUI for existing applications is a seamless process. To ensure backward compatibility, the applications will initially work the same as they do now, but you can then easily optimize the model to gain the maximum benefit from the new features of the UI. The benefits are immense, both for developers as well as for end users. And yes, we now also have a Dark Theme.