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Thinkwise launches its own community

Today, Thinkwise, supplier of the low-code software development platform, launches its own Learn and Support environment and community that includes a forum. This interactive environment allows Thinkwise to help anyone who wants to use the Thinkwise platform to easily expand their knowledge by following online training programs.

All documentation is available online. All Thinkwise clients and partners will be able to connect through the community. Here, they can use the forum to share their knowledge and ask questions. Thinkwise provides additional information on product development, updates, functionalities, and events.

One online platform with e-learning, documentation, community, and blogs

The Learn element of the platform gives the users access to all Thinkwise training programs. They can follow the online courses independently and whenever it’s convenient. The community includes a forum, gamification, documentation, ideation, and blogs. Developers can help each other by sharing their ideas and expertise and they can use the forum to ask and answer questions. Thinkwise experts will regularly post blogs on technology with practical tips and share their vision. Thanks to the sneak previews, developers will be the first to see a preview of new functionalities and the latest developments.

Knowledge accessible to everyone

Via the Thinkwise website, the Learn and Support environment will be available to anyone. Every visitor can access and read all the available information. After the purchase of a Thinkwise license, the user can also follow the online training programs and actively participate in and respond to the forum. This means that Thinkwise clients can quickly start using all the functionalities after having purchased a license.

Moller Toma, Project Leader Thinkwise Community: “We want to enable developers around the world to easily teach themselves to become a Thinkwise Platform Expert. Thinkwise knowledge, experience, and expertise will become an online standard from which all Thinkwise Platform users can benefit!”