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Thinkwise is included as a major vendor in SPARK Matrix: Low-Code Application Development Platforms 2020

Apeldoorn, 29 June 2020 –Thinkwise has been positioned amongst the major vendors in the SPARK Matrix: Low-Code Application Development Platforms 2020, a publication from Quadrant Knowledge Solutions. According to the research, by focusing on the low-code development of core enterprise business systems and modernizing such systems, Thinkwise has a unique position to achieve significant market growth in a competitive, but flourishing market.

Low-code platforms are being deployed more strategically by many organizations. The technological foundation of the chosen platform becomes increasingly important as the size and complexity of the applications increase.

To assist companies in making a well-informed choice, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, an international strategic advisory and consulting firm, has published research about low-code platforms, called SPARK Matrix: Low-Code Application Development Platforms 2020. This report presents the results of an analysis of the market leaders in low-code platforms including a ranking in Aspirants, Challengers and Technology Leaders.

Robert van der Linden, CEO of Thinkwise: “We are very proud to be recognized in this research as a major vendor for our low-code platform. It confirms our strategic focus on core systems and the replacement of legacy. We have been doing this since our company was founded, and this makes us absolutely unique in the market.”

Digital transformation

In the 2020 SPARK Matrix, Thinkwise has established itself as a major vendor. According to the analysts, Thinkwise stands out from the competition due to its unique focus on the development and modernization of core enterprise business systems, which gives it the potential to achieve considerable growth in a fast-growing low-code market. The analysts point out that the platform is provided with plug-and-play GUIs and exchangeable back-end technology. This makes it possible for applications that are built with the platform to always remain up-to-date, both technically as well as functionally. In addition, the Thinkwise Upcycler is mentioned as an often used means to modernize core-legacy applications, which helps organizations to achieve their objectives with regard to digital transformation.

Exponential market growth

According to the analysts at Quadrant Knowledge Solutions the biggest challenge facing Thinkwise is to start a dialogue with major international organizations. This is in part due to the presence of larger competitive platforms and the focus that Thinkwise currently has on the European market. Even so, according to the analysts, Thinkwise has a very attractive technological proposition through its focus on building and modernizing core business systems. They expect that with this technology and focus Thinkwise can achieve exponential market growth in the near future.

“We are winning more and more projects from major competitors,” says Robert van der Linden. “Almost always because of the high speed of development and our pioneering technology, but also increasingly through our name and reputation. We expect to grow significantly in the coming years as a result of our network of partners at home and abroad, and through new features such as our Universal GUI and automated machine learning.”

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