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Thinkwise has outgrown itself and has launched a recruitment website


Apeldoorn, 4 September 2018 – The low-code software supplier Thinkwise has opened a recruitment website to be able to deal with the company’s exceptionally fast growth. The company, with offices in Apeldoorn, Eindhoven and Rotterdam is searching for a hundred new employees. An increasing number of companies are selecting the flexible business software from Thinkwise for their business-critical systems, so that the company must grow substantially to meet the demand. This growth is reflected, among other things, in a move to the Thinkwise House in Apeldoorn, a newly designed website and the new website

There is a serious shortage of programmers in the Netherlands and this will not change in the foreseeable future. The fast-growing software supplier Thinkwise focuses on the low-code development of large ERP systems (business software) and the company is not only looking for developers for the R&D department, the technical heart of Thinkwise, but also for business consultants, analysts and modelers. Low-code development can also be carried out by people who have no software development background but who do have a bachelor degree and affinity with Business and IT. The company is therefore in search of at least 100 new employees with a Bachelor of Information Technology degree, or another technical bachelor degree. They can follow a Young Talent Program at Thinkwise.

An interesting and challenging job
The company characterizes itself not only as an innovative employer where people work hard, in a pleasant working environment and with a good balance between work and private life, but also as a company that offers many challenges to ambitious employees.

Robert van der Linden, Thinkwise CEO: “We are an innovative, unique and customer-oriented organization. We therefore want to attract people who believe in our ideas, concepts and philosophy and who are able to communicate this. Smart people who like to do things differently and fight against the established order.” He continues: “We allow them the freedom to organize their job in a way that is pleasurable and convenient for them, where employees experience a great sense of responsibility and where everyone enjoys working on different projects for different companies. In this way they quickly acquire a vast amount of practical knowledge and experience. We challenge employees to work as smartly as possible and facilitate this by offering development opportunities and providing challenging work. We are turning the world of IT upside down and employees can be proud of what they are doing at Thinkwise.”

Thinkwise Academy for internal training

Thinkwise offers employees intensive personal coaching and training via the Thinkwise Academy, so that employees can further develop themselves and continue to grow.

New offices
To be able to properly accommodate all the new and present employees, the company will move in the autumn of this year to new offices in the centre of Apeldoorn. The construction of the Thinkwise House can already be admired  here.


About Thinkwise
Thinkwise is a supplier of its own low-code ERP software platform, which enables the quick and easy development of business software that never becomes outdated. This flexibly modifiable software is always immediately available for Windows, the web and mobile applications and is guaranteed to run on future technologies. Along with the development of business software Thinkwise also sells its platform under license. Thinkwise is the only low-code software platform for ERP. Thinkwise was founded in 2002 and has branches in Apeldoorn, Rotterdam and Eindhoven. For more information: